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Write On Phonics is a flexible tool designed to help children understand how the English language can be segmented and blended together to create and ...

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Write On Phonics is a flexible tool designed to help children understand how the English language can be segmented and blended together to create and spell words correctly. Primarily aimed at KS1-2 and K-6, WriteOn Phonics was created by teachers for anyone who wants to learn to spell, pronounce and write the English language fluently. Use this app to build words, practice a particular sound or rehearse spellings. Use tiles on their own, trace over them or copy the words onto the handwriting lines. The perfect tool for preparing children for the UK Year 1 Phonics Screening Test, developing spelling skills as children learn to read or supporting older children who have gaps in their phonic knowledge. The tiles are multi-sensory - users can move them, listen to the sounds they make and see their different sounds in the context of actual words. - Tap letters to put a tiles on the board. - Drag tiles together to create words. - Double tap a tile to play an audio of the different sounds it makes. These words also display on screen. - Add sound buttons or handwriting lines. - Take a screen shot to record evidence. - One tile - one sound - develops children's phonemic awareness. - Moving - tapping - tracing - develops children's motor skills Word lists to use with this app as well as further support materials are available on our website. www.writeonapps.com The key thing to remember is that each tile represents ONE sound (or phoneme). For example, ph is not 'p' and 'h' - but a 'f' sound. By creating words this way children develop an understanding of the different phonemes and strengthen their reading and spelling knowledge simultaneously. They also start to recognise which spellings 'look' correct. There are two different types of tiles: plain coloured and handwriting. Plain coloured tiles use colour to differentiate between single letters and digraphs (two or more letters that make one sound). Handwriting tiles use colour to accentuate tall letters (d, l, t etc) and long letters (g, j, y etc). Each tile has a starting point and a dotted guide to help children trace over each letter. Research has proven that linking handwriting to spelling improves children's attainment grades. Using this app children start this process early. By spelling, tracing over the tiles and then writing words independently, users are developing the motor skills associated with automaticity (writing fluently without conscious effort being used for spelling). All tiles encourage size and spacial awareness by clearly showing how the letters of the English language should be placed on the lines. For further information see our website www.writeonapps.com


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