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◆◆◆X-Brain,Train your brain and being closer to the genius◆◆◆ ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ X-Brain ...

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◆◆◆X-Brain,Train your brain and being closer to the genius◆◆◆ ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ X-Brain is a free experimental app based on the 5-years research from Yale University. ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Through simple, yet precise tests, X-Brain could help subjects discover which part of their brain work better, and how to improve functions of the other parts. The brain is the center of the nervous system and the most complex biological structure known. Is your brain working well? Do you use more of your left or right brain? Could you become the next genius? Get answers from X-Brain!!!


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