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Xcode Tutorials App Pro

-The best 85 tutorials applications: XCODE TUTORIALS APP PRO, It is by far the best application that have a bunch of codes with videos and XIBs with 85 ...

Discontinued App


-The best 85 tutorials applications: XCODE TUTORIALS APP PRO, It is by far the best application that have a bunch of codes with videos and XIBs with 85 APPLICATIONS - You need no internet connexion, you have a total accesss and all is integrated in the application, videos included as well - You can learn step by step basic tasks such as : display, recording, unreeling, unwinding of images, transition between screens, intro story boards, sounds and videos. You can learn how to use mp3 /mp4 files and how to use Move, navigation Map, the web, FM and TV -The Xcode Tutorial App Pro Application gives to developers the best language codes Objective-C : -It offers the creation of Super Apps, step by step on videos -It offers Full examples of codes on TextEdit, ready to be used with a simple Copy/paste - you cna build your own applications that are fully functional with App Store - The application offers Objective-C Base, you can develop your own applications for IPhone, IPad and IPod -You can learn Applications programs for IPhone, and IPode with Xcode 5 -You can learn different models of videos and chapters of full codes with Building Xib -Xcode Tutoriels App Pro offers the best way to develop applications for IPhone and IPod -The Application is designed to for iOS advanced and beginners develpopers on Xcode -The application includes : 85 TUTORIALS VIDEOS 85 Chapters of Objective-C Code 85 Chapters Xib The best applications for iPhone, iPad, and iPod New version 2.2: Air Kit Game - Gradient View - Instantaneous Push - Particle - Pluse. Version 2.1 : - Background View - Collision Gravity - Collisions Gravity Spring - Custom Dynamic Item - Gravity - Item Properties - Quartz Dash - Quartz Lines - Quartz Poly - Snap. Version 2.0 : - Background Color - Blur ModalView - Book - Bubble Table View - Downloade Font - Font Replacer - HeadsUpUI - Icons - Launch Me - Leader board - Map Search - Media Player - Medium Banner - Painted - Passcode iOS - Quick Contacts - Slider View - Street Scroller - Tabbed Banner - Touches. Version 1.1 : - Accéléromètre Start - AVPlayer Transform- Block-based Animations - Camera - Clock Analogique - Colored Alert Button - Countdown - Email - Facebook - - Flip View - Move Animation - Reflection- Shadow Image - Size Slider - SMS - Sticky Notes -SublayerTransform - Switch View - Transform Animation - Twitter. Version 1.0 : - Chronomètre - Ballonnet Game - Animation - Lecteur PDF - Lecteur RTF - Mapp HD Advanced - Navigateur Web - Move Image - Move Player - Play Sound - Radio FM - Random Image - Recorder iPhone - Shaker Image - Shaker Texte - TV Channel HD - Control Page - Flash Light Torche - Magie Ballonnet - Menu App Game - Panneau Voler App - Scrolle Double - Second First View - Texte Couleur Random - Transitions View - Curseur Personnalisé - Horloge Réel Temps - iAds - Polices Personnalisées - Vibreur Device.


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