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“Mom and dad, where do I come from?”Almost every parent encounters this kind of question, and there is no easy answer, because when parents hear this ...

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“Mom and dad, where do I come from?”Almost every parent encounters this kind of question, and there is no easy answer, because when parents hear this kind of question, the first thing coming to our mind is "Oh, my god! My children are asking about our sex life. What should I do?" Actually, this kind of question only reflects children's curiosity about how their lives form and how they come to this world. That’s all! So, just open this book and read it with your children. It will help them know the truth about origin of life. In this way, children will cherish their own lives and deeply understand parents' love. ► Wonderful materials: ------------------------------- This is a set of life story series elaborately compiled by Xingbao Book. It has four applications. With gentle dubbing, vivid pictures and graceful words, this audio material answers the question about the origin of life and solves their puzzles about gender. It helps children to understand their relationship with parents and teaches them to love and respect their parents. Meanwhile, elaborately designed interactive games can deepen children’ impression on this book effectively. Those games will promote the communication between parents and children, combine sex education with life and emotional education, integrate into the cultivation of personality, sentiment and responsibility. ►Features: ------------------------------- ★ Professional audio narration in English, Japanese and Chinese. ★ The interactive game center: painting can exert the kids’ aptitude of drawing; puzzle function can improve the kids' graphics recognition and memory; finding difference can test the kids’ observation and cognitive abilities. ★ High quality illustration and languages. ★ The automatic or manual page turning function allows you to view the stories easily. ★ The automatic bookmark function allows to you to enter an automatic bookmark entry on the current page the next time you begin reading. ★ Sleeping mode let the kids go to sleep in the warmly reading with music. ►About Us: ------------------------------- Xingbook Workshop is focused on building the audio books for children on iPad. Xingbook Workshop develops a tool which can make APP software quickly and devote ourselves to creating mass electronic application products in Mobile Era. If you are a publisher or individual, and interested in sharing your work with the children all over the world, please contact us now! We will turn your work into the international APP by inviting outstanding translator, making the audio recording and building the specific interactive games! If you are the kid’parents, please do not hesitate to give us some valuable suggestions. I sincerely hope that your baby can grow up happy and healthy with Xingbook®. Our website:www.xingbook.com Email: susan@xingbook.com Twitter: @Xingbook


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