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Name: Yassin Mohammed Roushdy. Date of birth:1 / 1 /1932 Place of birth: Egypt Qualification: bachelor of naval sciences in 1952 post studies in Naval ...

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Name: Yassin Mohammed Roushdy. Date of birth:1 / 1 /1932 Place of birth: Egypt Qualification: bachelor of naval sciences in 1952 post studies in Naval Sciences in 1967 and was certified as a captain Progressive graduation in civil jobs to under secretary of state. He quitted civil jobs in 1983. On the 24th of Ragab, 1411 Hejrites (9th of February, 1991) He received an order of Excellence of the First Degree from the President of Egypt Hosny Moubarak. He heads the board of directors of Mouassa Islamic Association in Alexandria ever since 1991. He was chosen a member in the board of Mouassa Hospital (subject to Medical Treatment Foundation) after the order number 265/1996 issued by the Governor of Alexandria. The Faculty of Arts Cairo University, nominated him for the International award of King Faisal for Serving Islam on 7/9/1992. He is an active member in the writers union. Since 1962, He has been working in Missionary Activity after the approval of his Sheikh: Mohamed ElAmir Abd Elmonem. Since 1977, he gave the prayers speech on Friday in which he gave Qur’an’s interpretations and on Tuesday he explained the Hadiths from Sahih Al-Bukhâri. He issued thirteen publications of the collection named “The Road To Allah”, titles of which as follows:- 1) He Is ALLAH. 2) Pillars ( Principles) of Islam. 3) The Holy Hadiths. 4) Prohibited deeds. 5) Islamic Morals and Ethics. 6) Brief and Expressive Statements. 7) The Ideal Islamic Upbringing. 8) Amongst the Companions of Prophet Muhammad. 9) The Prophet’s Wives and Daughters. 10) Sufism...Pros and Cons. 11) Some of the Islamic Principles. 12) Some Meditations in the Verses of the Holy Qur’an. 13) The Holy Qur’an , Science and Eloquence. 14) “ monagah” 15) About prophet Mohamed. All these Publications have been revised and approved by the Islamic Research Synod of Al-Azhar , and are being translated to the English and French languages In 1984, he established the Mouassa International Islamic Center. This center makes contacts with over 1000 centers all over the Islamic world. Mouassa Center supplies these centers with books, and religious publications in the Arabic, English and French languages without any financial returns in collaboration with Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and The Higher Council for Islamic Affairs. The Mosque activities are limited to the following aspects:- 1) Reciting the Qur’an to (men, women and children). 2) Teaching Fiqh. 3) Explaining Prophet’s Mohammed Hadiths from El-Bukhâri. 4) Explaining different religious subjects such as (the Qur’an, the Sahaba: The companions of Prophet Muhammad, Islamic morals,.. etc). 5) Explanation of the Holy Qur’an. He presented many successful programs in the Egyptian TV and the local radio and television networks of Alexandria and the radio broadcast of the Holy Qur’an. He established the alms tax committee (Al-Zakah) which is responsible for helping over 3500 families in Alexandria besides paying money for cases that need emergency assistance such as natural disasters, surgical operations ….etc. In 1979 the mosque’s first expansion was made, and in 1989 the second expansion was completed until the mosque total area reached five times more than it started. http://almouassa.com/


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