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YoungMinds : Word Builder (Safari Edition)

---------------------------------------- Easy for my 2 yr old - ★★★★ by give'm the chair.. not a dollar Some interesting animal names. Its a new way ...

Discontinued App


---------------------------------------- Easy for my 2 yr old - ★★★★ by give'm the chair.. not a dollar Some interesting animal names. Its a new way for my kids to learn how to spell. Easy for my 2 yr old to just move around the letters. And the girls voice spelling out the animal is very clear and sharp. I hope theres more to come. ---------------------------------------- Its time to build a word! Spell by moving the letters around with your fingers to form the name of the animals. Once completed, listen to how the animal is being spelled letter by letter. --------------------------------- RHYME SONG --------------------------------- To make it more interesting, we have included a short rhyme about the animal which will have your child want to listen to them more. ---------------------------------- SAFARI EDITION ---------------------------------- This is the safari edition where your child will learn the name of animals that can be found in the safari. Young Minds Word Builder endeavors to showcase animals that are rarely printed for toddlers like Eland, Tapir and Gaur. Therefore, your child will learn new animal names. ---------------------------------- FREE UPDATES ---------------------------------- We hope that you find the app useful. Your response will motivate and encourage us to update the app. Get this educational app at this price now as it may increase for future updates. ---------------------------------- RATING ---------------------------------- Do find the time to rate our product. An exciting rating will spur us to enhance and continue expanding our products. Take the first steps to learning each word! ---------------------------------------------- OTHER YOUNGMUSLIM TITLES ----------------------------------------------- Searching "Youngmuslim" or "YoungMinds" in the app store. • Youngmuslim IQRA Flashcard Book 1 • Youngmuslim IQRA Flashcard Book 2 • Youngmuslim Learn To Pray • Youngmuslim Fardhu Ain • Youngmuslim Yasin, Tahlil & Ayat Al-Kursi • Youngmuslim Surahs and Doas • Youngmuslim Arabic Letters • Youngmuslim Stacker • Youngmuslim vs Zombies : Mosque Defence • Youngmuslim vs Zombies : Power of 99 Names of Allah • YoungMinds : Word Builder (Safari Edition) • YoungMinds : Arabic, English and Mandarin Flashcards http://www.youngmuslim.com Join us in our Facebook page by searching for "Youngmuslim".


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Version: 1.0

Size: 8.5 MB


Price: 0,89 €

Developed by Ahmad Ali Mohd Yusope

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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