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YoungMuslim Learn To Pray

NEW UPDATE Thank you for your motivation. As promised we have included the boys' prayer as well!!! ------------------------------------------------ NUMBER ...

Discontinued App


NEW UPDATE Thank you for your motivation. As promised we have included the boys' prayer as well!!! ------------------------------------------------ NUMBER 1 FOR 4 WEEKS! TOP 10 APP ON MAINSTREAM APP STORE FOR 8 WEEKS! NEW EXCITING WAY FOR KIDS TO LEARN ISLAMIC PRAYER! Excellent - 5 stars! by Anak-mus - Version 2.0 - 30 August 2011 Great lesson for my three kids to learn. Narrator needs to use smaller words for kids to understand. Need a boy performing solat as well. ------------------------------------------------ "YoungMuslim Learn To Pray" is an islamic educational iphone app that teaches anyone from 7 to 70 years of old how to perform the 5 daily compulsory daily prayers. INCLUDE DOA QUNUT, DOA AFTER PRAYERS and DOA AFTER WUDHUK! ------------------------------ BOTH PRAYERs ------------------------------ Current version contain muslim prayer practice by both boy and girl! -------------------------------------------- 3D ANIMATED PRESENTATION -------------------------------------------- Each step is explained clearly and actions are in animated 3D! Thus ensuring that our young's attention are better captured as compared to pictorials and live videos. ------------------------------ CONTROLS ------------------------------ You may toggle off the explanation to have the prayer run through by itself. You can stop a step from going further by clicking the AutoPlay button. ------------------------------ WUDHUK ------------------------------ This updated version contain wudhuk, ablution, which is required to be done before prayer. It explains each step and also inform the user whether its sunnah or fardhu (compulsory). ------------------------------------ FUTURE UPDATES FREE ------------------------------------ Any future updates are free even when price increases. ---------------------------------- RATING ---------------------------------- Do find the time to rate our product. An exciting rating will spur us to enhance and continue expanding our products. Jazakallah khairan. ---------------------------------------------- OTHER YOUNGMUSLIM TITLES ----------------------------------------------- Searching "Youngmuslim" or "YoungMinds" in the app store. • Youngmuslim IQRA Flashcard Book 1 • Youngmuslim IQRA Flashcard Book 2 • Youngmuslim Learn To Pray • Youngmuslim Fardhu Ain • Youngmuslim Yasin, Tahlil & Ayat Al-Kursi • Youngmuslim Surahs and Doas • Youngmuslim Arabic Letters • Youngmuslim Stacker • Youngmuslim vs Zombies : Mosque Defence • Youngmuslim vs Zombies : Power of 99 Names of Allah • YoungMinds : Word Builder (Safari Edition) • YoungMinds : Arabic, English and Mandarin Flashcards http://www.youngmuslim.com Join us in our Facebook page by searching for "Youngmuslim". ------------------------------------------------ "YoungMuslim Learn To Pray" atau "YoungMuslim Belajar Solat" adalah sebuah aplikasi iphone pendidikan Islam yang mengajarkan siapa 7-70 tahun lama bagaimana melakukan 5 shalat wajib sehari-hari. TERMASUK Qunut DOA, DOA SETELAH DOA dan DOA SETELAH WUDHUK! ------------------------------ MUSLIMIN DAN MUSLIMAH ------------------------------ Versi baru ini mengandung mempraktekkan sholat muslim oleh kedua laki-laki dan perempuan! -------------------------------------------- PRESENTASI 3D ANIMASI -------------------------------------------- Setiap langkah dijelaskan dengan jelas dan dalam 3D animasi! Sehingga memastikan bahwa anak kita lebih baik ditangkap perhatian dibandingkan dengan pictorials dan video hidup. ---------------------------------------------- LAIN YOUNGMUSLIM JUDULNYA ----------------------------------------------- Carilah judul lainnya aplikasi Youngmuslim dengan mencari "Youngmuslim" di App Store. http://www.youngmuslim.com Bergabunglah dengan kami di halaman Facebook kami dengan mencari "Youngmuslim".


Technical specifications

Version: 4.1

Size: 84.69 MB


Price: 4,75 €

Developed by Ahmad Ali Mohd Yusope

Day of release: 2011-06-9

Recommended age: 4+

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