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---------------------------------------------------------- NUMBER 1 FOR 3 WEEKS! CONSISTENTLY TOP 10 APP ON MAINSTREAM APP STORE! ITS EASY, SIMPLE AND UNDAUNTING. ---------------------------------------------------------- In contrast to other islamic iphone apps, "YoungMuslim Surahs and Doas" contain both Al-Quran Surahs and Daily Doas. We noticed your interest in this islamic app and as promised, we have included a section on PRAYER DOAS alone. These include Doa Iftitah, Doa Qunut and TWO Doas After Solat! ---------------------------------- AL-QURAN SURAHS ---------------------------------- • short surahs depicted in a vibrant layout to stretch the attention limit of young muslims • Ayat is displayed one by one. To repeat the ayat,  click on it. OR go auto by clicking on the play button on the bottom right. • Each ayat is accompanied by TRANSLITERATION (Romanise) and the ENGLISH TRANSLATION. Parents are recommended to oversee their children readings. • They are divided into four groups to minimize the task of memorizing for our young; MUST KNOW • Al-Fatiha • Al-Ikhlas • An-Nas • Al-Kawthar EASY • An-Nasr • Al-Asr • Al-Falaq • Al-Masad SIMPLE • Al-Kafirun • Al-Fil • Al-Quraysh • Al-Maun BEGINNER • At-Takathur • Al-Humaza • Al-Qaria • Al-Adiyat ---------------------------------- DAILY DOAS ---------------------------------- For this edition, we have moved away from providing the usual daily doas and look for doas that are rarely available.  Doas are divided into; STUDY • Doa to Begin Studying • Doa for Intelligence • Doa After Studying • Doa for knowledge and Sustenance PERSONAL WELL-BEING • Doa for Good Health • Doa for Guidance • Doa for Personal Esteem • Doa for Wisdom and Blessings PROTECTION • Doa for General Protection • Doa to Avoid Mishap • Doa to Avoid Evil • Doa to Protect Against Jins and Syaitan ---------------------------------- PRAYER DOAS ---------------------------------- You will be happy to know that we have extracted certain doas from our daily prayers and place them in one section. These daily prayer doas are not readily available but often requested. In here, you can get the recitation with ROMANISATION and translation of the following; • Doa Iftitah   - First doa of any prayer. • Doa Qunut   - A recitation during the Subuh prayer. • First Doa After Solat   - The first doa recited after end of islamic prayer followed by Al-Fateha. • Second Doa After Solat   - Recited after Al-Fateha which comes after First Doa After Solat above. -------------------------------------- FUTURE UPDATES FREE -------------------------------------- We will be looking to add more surahs and doas in the future. So get this app now before price goes up! ---------------------------------- RATING ---------------------------------- Do find the time to rate our product. An exciting rating will spur us to enhance and continue expanding our products. Jazakallah khairan. ---------------------------------------------- OTHER YOUNGMUSLIM TITLES ----------------------------------------------- Search "Youngmuslim" or "YoungMinds" in the app store. • Youngmuslim IQRA Flashcard Book 1 • Youngmuslim IQRA Flashcard Book 2 • Youngmuslim Learn To Pray • Youngmuslim Fardhu Ain • Youngmuslim Yasin, Tahlil & Ayat Al-Kursi • Youngmuslim Surahs and Doas • Youngmuslim Arabic Letters • Youngmuslim Stacker • Youngmuslim vs Zombies : Mosque Defence • Youngmuslim vs Zombies : Power of 99 Names of Allah • YoungMinds : Word Builder (Safari Edition) • YoungMinds : Arabic, English and Mandarin Flashcards Join us in our Facebook page by searching for "Youngmuslim".


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0

Size: 24.34 MB


Price: 2,99 €

Developed by Ahmad Ali Mohd Yusope

Day of release: 2011-08-3

Recommended age: 4+

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