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YoungMuslim Yasin, Tahlil & Ayat Al-Kursi

#Top 10 Singapore! #Top 10 Malaysia! -------------------------------------- Excellent - 5 stars! by Ferocity28 Excellent app! -------------------------------------- "YoungMuslim ...

Discontinued App


#Top 10 Singapore! #Top 10 Malaysia! -------------------------------------- Excellent - 5 stars! by Ferocity28 Excellent app! -------------------------------------- "YoungMuslim Yasin, Tahlil & Ayat Al-Kursi" contain Surah 36 of the Al-Quran - Yasin, and Tahlil which is a recited after burying someone. It is time for us to learn this as the time will come when we have to send off our love ones. In Yasin, it contains the arabic ayat, romanised (transliteration) as well as the translation. For Tahlil, there many different versions - short and extended. For this app, we have selected a brief one. Do note that certain sections like Surah Al-Ikhlas may require repetition 3 times etc. Sometimes, the Imam don't follow these for time sake. For this app, there is a need to save space therefore there are no repetition in recitation. Doa Tahlil that is recited by Imam is not included in this version. Ayat Al-Kursi is the verse 255 of the Al-Baqarah Surah. It is known to be the most excellent verse of all the Quran's verses. One virtue for reciting this Ayat is that one will get more reward as compared to other verses. A Hadith states that Rasullullah had said:"The one who recites it after each of the obligatory prayers, then death will be the only thing preventing him from entering Paradise." ◆ Yasin, Tahlil and Ayat Al-Kursi contain steady recitations and latin transliterations ◆ In Tahlil switch between ayat and the romanised (transliteration) version on each screen. ◆ You may switch the recitation on or off ◆ Tap on AutoPlay button to have it go through Yasin, Tahlil and Ayat Kursi automatically. ---------------------------------- FREE UPDATES ---------------------------------- If the response is encouraging, we will update it with the Doa Tahlil. And possibly any other special occasion recitations. All updates are free even when price increases! ---------------------------------- RATING ---------------------------------- Do find the time to rate our product. An exciting rating will spur us to enhance and continue expanding our products. Jazakallah khairan. ---------------------------------------------- OTHER YOUNGMUSLIM TITLES ----------------------------------------------- Searching "Youngmuslim" or "YoungMinds" in the app store. • Youngmuslim IQRA Flashcard Book 1 • Youngmuslim IQRA Flashcard Book 2 • Youngmuslim Learn To Pray • Youngmuslim Fardhu Ain • Youngmuslim Yasin, Tahlil & Ayat Al-Kursi • Youngmuslim Surahs and Doas • Youngmuslim Arabic Letters • Youngmuslim Stacker • Youngmuslim vs Zombies : Mosque Defence • Youngmuslim vs Zombies : Power of 99 Names of Allah • YoungMinds : Word Builder (Safari Edition) • YoungMinds : Arabic, English and Mandarin Flashcards http://www.youngmuslim.com Join us in our Facebook page by searching for "Youngmuslim". --------------------------------------------------- "YoungMuslim Yasin, Tahlil & Ayat Al-Kursi" mengandungi Surah 36 Yasin; bacaan Tahlil dan Ayatul Kursi. Dalam Yasin, berisi ayat arab,latin serta terjemahannya. Untuk Tahlil, ada banyak versi yang berbeda. Untuk aplikasi ini, kita telah memilih yang singkat. Doa Tahlil yang dibacakan oleh Imam tidak termasuk dalam versi ini. Ayat Al-Kursi adalah ayat 255 Al-Baqarah Surah. Rasullullah berkata: "Orang yang mengucapkan setelah setiap shalat wajib, maka kematian akan menjadi hal hanya mencegah dia dari masuk surga." ◆ Yasin, Tahlil dan Ayat Al-Kursi mengandung bacaan mantap dan latin ◆ Boleh beralih antara ayat Tahlil dan versi latin pada setiap layar. ◆ Anda dapat beralih bacaan atau menonaktifkan ◆ Tekan tombol untuk AutoPlay memilikinya melalui Yasin, Tahlil dan Ayat Kursi otomatis. ---------------------------------------------- LAIN YOUNGMUSLIM JUDULNYA ----------------------------------------------- Cari "Youngmuslim" di App Store. http://www.youngmuslim.com. Di Facebook cari"Youngmuslim".


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0

Size: 28.75 MB


Price: 2,56 €

Developed by Ahmad Ali Mohd Yusope

Day of release: 2011-09-22

Recommended age: 4+

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