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Your Presentation IQ by Tony Jeary

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** Watch for your favorite business, spiritual and educational titles to appear as Tapstacks from Six Voices at http://tapstack.com/ ** Your Presentation IQ by Tony Jeary Do you want to have a better understanding and raise your awareness of presentation effectiveness? Do you want to have more confidence, respect, and credibility, with people buying in to your messages? Tony Jeary has developed a list of 20 questions that will help you walk through the process that leads to presentation effectiveness and thus raise your presentation IQ. This app gives you access to a 27 minute video in which Tony Jeary guides you through the 20 questions, expounds upon the 20 presentation principles behind them and shares four levels of learning anyone must progress through to achieve Presentation Mastery™. The video is accompanied by a superb 27 page summary guide of all the points Tony covers in the video. Download this app and spend time with Tony. If you want to move into Presentation Mastery™ and have a great presentation IQ, take the 20 concepts to that fourth level of learning (unconscious competence) where they become habits, and live them every day. Additional features If you find this app beneficial, you can tell a friend via the in app emailer. You can also get more information about Tony Jeary via the in app browser. Have coworkers or employees that might benefit from Tony's material? Take advantage of the "lead and follow" feature that allows you to escort other iPhone users via bluetooth through the summary guide. About Tony Jeary Tony has been described as a 'gifted encourager' who facilitates positive outcomes for others. His list of personal and professional relationships approaches 20,000 people whom he connects with and nourishes out of his sincere interest and desire for their success. Tony's clients include individuals and organizations who are involved globally. Tony personally coaches the presidents of organizations like Ford, Wal-Mart, Samsung, EDS, ASTD, New York Life, Firestone and Sam's Club, to name a few. When many of the world's top achievers seek a strategic expert to help them accelerate their results, they are eventually drawn to Tony Jeary. If you want to better your life, your career and your results, you need to know Tony. About Roll Roll is a new content delivery system from Six Voices. This time we're empowering filmmakers to publish compelling versions of their short films on the iPhone. The first film series powered by Roll (NOOMA by Flannel featuring Rob Bell of Mars Hill) is now available on the App Store. If you're a filmmaker, speaker with a video series, or other content creator and would like to explore the power of Roll contact us! We'd love to help you go mobile.


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