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郑州宇通集团有限公司(简称“宇通集团”)是以产品为龙头,以资本为纽带,以企业文化为核心,涵盖客车、环保、工程机械和专用车、汽车零部件、房地产开发等跨行业的多元化、高科技、国际化的大型企业集团,总部位于河南省郑州市。各板块进入了由业绩增长带动综合竞争力提升的螺旋式上升阶段,综合实力进一步增强。2012年实现销售额303亿元,较2011年增长17%,再创历史新高nZhengzhou ...

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郑州宇通集团有限公司(简称“宇通集团”)是以产品为龙头,以资本为纽带,以企业文化为核心,涵盖客车、环保、工程机械和专用车、汽车零部件、房地产开发等跨行业的多元化、高科技、国际化的大型企业集团,总部位于河南省郑州市。各板块进入了由业绩增长带动综合竞争力提升的螺旋式上升阶段,综合实力进一步增强。2012年实现销售额303亿元,较2011年增长17%,再创历史新高nZhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yutong Group”), headquartered in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, is a large cross-industry enterprise group featuring diversification, high-tech and internationalization, with products as the lead, capital as the link and corporate culture as the core, covering such industries as passenger car, environmental protection machinery, construction machinery and special-purpose vehicles, automobile spare parts and real estate development. Various businesses have entered into the spiral rising stage during which its comprehensive competitiveness is driven by performance, and its comprehensive strength has been further strengthened. In 2012, the sales turnover of Yutong Group reached RMB30.3 billion, increasing by 17% than that of 2011, creating a new record again.


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