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Zwartz Laminating-Converting B.V.

This is the new app of Zwartz Laminating and Converting B.V. Download the app here! Zwartz Laminating-Converting B.V. is a sister company of S.I. Zwartz ...

Discontinued App

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This is the new app of Zwartz Laminating and Converting B.V. Download the app here! Zwartz Laminating-Converting B.V. is a sister company of S.I. Zwartz B.V. Since 1835 the family name Zwartz runs as a red thread through the history of the textile industry in the Netherlands. Thus, our firm is not only one of the oldest Dutch textile factories, it is also one of the few companies that survived the turbulent developments in the sector. On its own, with a prompt investment in new machines and technologies of every penny earned.  A healthy formula, in combination with choosing deliberately  for diversification and consistently following the “small is beautiful” -principle, this has been the key of our successful growth now continuing to take shape with the fifth generation. In July 2002 we moved to a complete new building of 12.500 square meters provided with state-of-the-art technologies in the field of production, climate control and logistics. In this way we can serve our customers even better than in the past. In January 2007 Zwartz Laminating-Converting has been added to the formula. Custom-made products on contract work basis or through materials supplied by us makes Zwartz Laminating-Converting a reliable partner in the field of product development. With more than 25 years of experience with laminating and coating and several machines with a maximum width of 250 cm, we are capable to meet many different laminating and coatings requirements.  As one of the few in the market we own three different laminating and coating techniques. With the Calender machine, Hotmelt machine and in 2011 new added flatbed machine we can process your orders in the best possible way. We can process materials roll-to-roll as well as roll-to-sheet and sheet-to-sheet.  By means of those state-of-the-art technologies we are able to process several materials such as polyethylene foam, polyurethane foam, several textiles (PP, spunbond, polyester, cotton, bamboo etc.), jute, linen, PLA, paper and wood. Also we are able to process several types of glue (thermoplastics and reactive glues) such as foil’s (film, web and net), powder and hotmelts (PU reactive, PO reactive, pressure sensitive adhesive etc.) in several compounds like coPA, coPES, PO, PU, PE, PP, E.V.A. etc. Due to the diversity we are able to operate in many market segments  such as window covering, wall covering, insulation, personal protection, noise reduction, automotive, cloths etc. Specials requests regarding rolling, cutting, inspection and finishing (punching) can also be fulfilled by us.   *This app is made by Cawwi Development, visit our website: Cawwi.com


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