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Make positive changes to your life with Activity & Mood Diary by Ginsberg, the smart diary app for tracking mood, events, sleep, exercise, calories, alcohol ...

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Make positive changes to your life with Activity & Mood Diary by Ginsberg, the smart diary app for tracking mood, events, sleep, exercise, calories, alcohol and much more. Use this app to track your mental wellbeing and physical activity. Spot the patterns and triggers that affect your mood and stress levels and monitor your progress as you make changes to your lifestyle. Sync data with your favourite apps and wearable devices. SOPHISTICATED MOOD TRACKING: Because your emotions are more complicated than a 1 to 5 scale. Track up to 3 different wellbeing measures from a possible 18, including happiness, optimism, connectedness, energy, control and more. YOUR SMART DIARY: Take a moment each day to write about what has been going in your life. Use #hashtags to highlight the emotions, people, places and events that affect your mood. Understand better why you feel the way you do. ALL YOUR DATA IN ONE PLACE: Use Activity & Mood Diary by Ginsberg to track your mood, daily diary events, sleep, steps, exercise, nutrition, body weight and alcohol consumption. Log exercise including running, cycling, walking, yoga, meditation and strength training. TRACK WHAT MATTERS TO YOU: Focus on the parts of your life that are most important to you. The app’s modular design makes it easy to hide the features you don’t use so that you see only the things that matter. SLEEP BETTER: Quickly and easily track the duration and quality of your sleep every night. Get personalised insights about how you sleep and how it is affected by your stress levels, exercise, nutrition, alcohol intake and more. SPOT PATTERNS AND IDENTIFY TRIGGERS: Use Activity & Mood Diary by Ginsberg to find recurring patterns in your life and pinpoint your triggers for stress, poor sleep and excessive alcohol consumption. SEE THE EFFECTS OF BEHAVIOUR CHANGE: Monitor your progress from week to week and see how your mood, sleep, exercise and nutrition data track as you make positive changes to your life. CONNECT TO YOUR FAVOURITE APPS: Seamlessly sync data from your favourite health and fitness apps and wearable devices including Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Withings, MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, Moves, Strava, Map My Fitness and more. Visit the Ginsberg web app to connect new devices. BECOME MORE SELF AWARE: Externalise your thoughts and feelings so that you can reflect on them in private. Understand yourself better and become more mindful. REDUCE STRESS, ANXIETY AND MILD DEPRESSION: Developed in partnership with NHS psychologists and psychiatrists. Uses clinically valid WHO-5 and WEMWBS mental wellbeing measurement systems. COMPLETELY SAFE AND PRIVATE: We take your data privacy very seriously. Mod and Activity Diary by Ginsberg has a combination of human and technical infrastructures to ensure that all of your information is secure, confidential and as private as possible. We do not and will not sell your data. Period. Learn more about Activity & Mood Diary by Ginsberg and access advanced features at


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.0

Size: 5.46 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by The Scottish Government

Day of release: 2015-03-16

Recommended age: 4+

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