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Words can be placed crosswise as well as back and forth in this program. Every game is associated with some piece of art. Your assignment is to find the ...

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Words can be placed crosswise as well as back and forth in this program. Every game is associated with some piece of art. Your assignment is to find the sought words in a jumble of letters. Word search in a new way one might also call it.

The main idea behind ArtWords is learning.

Some scientists say that the brain contains of a map of connections. It is possible to learn anything and as long as one can connect the new knowledge to an existing map. What is good about a themed word game is that the words expand the notion of the specific theme. With the theme associated art in the background there will be quite an open foundation to build on.

To increase the player's vocabulary there is a lookup function for understanding the word in its context. Just click the word and select "Search".

You also strengthen word building, spelling and that it is not only the word that is important (Some people can only read words not letters). Another thing to learn is patience. When sitting perhaps overstrained on the bus it will be kind of impossible in the beginning to find a word. After a while you unconsciously map letters and suddenly you have found yet another word.

Enough said about learning.

It is a challenge to find all words. You might get ill-tempered if you don't find them even though you have been staring yourself blind at the game for several minutes. To make it a little less difficult there are four different severity levels:

Easy - Words are placed as simple as possible. This level is children/kid friendly.

Average - Words are placed simple but can be spelled backwards.

Hard - Words are placed tricky. Initially only the number of letters in every word is known. It can take ~ten minutes before you find a word. If you still find the game too easy you can choose to find the same words but in a different language. When you start a game select the language to work with. Some of the downloadable word packages supports up to ten languages.

Noob - This level is for you that want the words tricky placed but you want to practice spelling.

When you have searched relentlessly to no avail there are help to get - just use "Hint" in the menu.

The idea behind this game is also to share art. Select "Show Image" in the menu and you will see the associated art and information. Of course there is a search function where you can find out more about the work and the artist.

ArtWords can develop forever. It can connect to ArtWords server to download new word packages in different themes. This means that ArtWords has a small footprint since unneeded word packages can be removed from cache. It is possible that future word packages will require a membership but currently they are free.

One feature within this game is that you can enlarge the letters with the normal Zoom-gesture. Bad eyesight is no longer a problem. This function also makes ArtWords functional on various screen sizes. For devices with an x-large screen you can even see the wordlist at the same time as the main game screen. On devices with other screen one uses the menu button to access it.

There is also a scoreboard to see if you improve. The hard hidden words get more points. Of course there will be deductions if you cheat and use the "Hint"-functionality.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4.4

Size: 0 B


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by IT Nilsson

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