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Modern Chinese is a beginner Chinese language textbook designed for college students and adult learners with no previous exposure to Chinese. This unique ...

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Modern Chinese is a beginner Chinese language textbook designed for college students and adult learners with no previous exposure to Chinese. This unique program adopts a story-based approach that follows the lives of six college students whose multi-cultural backgrounds reflect today's globalized world. The themes are designed to provide students with the vocabulary and context to engage and communicate in real life conversations quickly. This is the iPad version of Modern Chinese, which leads the way to create the most innovative and holistic Chinese learning experience. It focuses on instructional delivery, paired-learning, and self-practice, creating the best language learning experience by offering ample opportunities to practice listening and reading, and encouraging students to write and speak. The iPad application measures students' progress by what they can do in the Chinese language rather than how many vocabulary words they know. MODERN CHINESE现代中文: PRELUDE: Introduction to Pinyin and Practices 1A: Unit 1 : Me 我 Lesson 1: Meeting People 你好! Lesson 2: Age and Nationality 你多大?你是哪国人? Unit 2 : Family 家 Lesson 1: Family and Pets家人和宠物 Lesson 2: Job and Language 工作和语言 Unit 3 : Time 时 Lesson 1: Days of the Week and Time 星期几? Lesson 2: Happy Birthday! 生日快乐! Unit 4 : Food 吃 Lesson 1: Ordering Food 点菜 Lesson 2: How Does it Taste? 味道怎么样? Unit 5 : Daily Lives 住 Lesson 1: Campus Life 校园生活 Lesson 2: Where is it? 在哪里? Unit 6 : Shopping 买 Lesson 1: Shopping 买东西 Lesson 2: Cash or Credit Card? 付现金还是刷卡? Unit 7 : Travel 行 Lesson 1: Travel Plans 放假的计划 Lesson 2: To the Airport 去机场 Unit 8 : Academics 学 Lesson 1: Taking Classes 选课 Lesson 2: In Class上课的时候 1B: Unit 9 衣 Fashion Lesson 1: 买衣服 Shopping for Clothes Lesson 2: 你喜欢什么颜色?What Colors Do You Like? Unit 10 娱 Hobbies & Activities Lesson 1: 星期六的活动 Plans for Saturday Lesson 2: 在音乐会 At a Concert Unit 11 情 Relationships & People Lesson 1: 约会 A Date Lesson 2: 分手 A Breakup Unit 12 医 Medicine Lesson 1: 生病了 Getting Sick Lesson 2: 看病 At the Doctor’s Unit 13 商 Business Lesson 1: 打工 Part-Time Job Lesson 2: 去中国实习 Internship in China Unit 14 节 Festivals Lesson 1: 新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year! Lesson 2: 中国和西方节日 Chinese and Western Holidays Unit 15 礼 Chinese Ways Lesson 1: 有礼貌 Being Respectful Lesson 2: 了解中国文化 Understanding Chinese Culture Unit 16 @ Technology & Modern China Lesson 1: 线上聊天 Chatting Online Lesson 2: 一路顺风! Have a Safe Trip! 2A: Unit 1 天 Weather Lesson 1: 天气 Weather Lesson 2: 旅游和气候 Travel and Climate Unit 2 学 Academics Lesson 1: 申请留学 Applying to Study Abroad Lesson 2: 加入社团 Joining a Student Club Unit 3 住 Housing Lesson 1: 住校与租房 Living On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Lesson 2: 找公寓 Apartment Hunting Unit 4 买 Shopping Lesson 1: 网上购物 Shopping Online Lesson 2: 退货 Returning Merchandise Unit 5 娱 Hobbies Lesson 1: 篮球比赛 At a Basketball Game Lesson 2: 采访 An Interview Unit 6 食 Cuisine Lesson 1: 学做中国菜 Learning Chinese Cooking Lesson 2: 逛超市 Going to the Supermarket Unit 7 祸 Emergencies Lesson 1: 交通意外 A Traffic Accident Lesson 2: 自然灾难 Natural Disasters Unit 8 行 Travel Lesson 1: 在机场 At the Airport Lesson 2: 中国游 Traveling in China 2B: Unit 9 艺 Arts Lesson 1: 花木兰 Hua Mulan Lesson 2: 民间艺术 Folk Arts Unit 10 @ Technology & Modern China Lesson 1: 科技发展 Developments in Science and Technology Lesson 2: 新能源车 New Energy Cars Unit 11 商 Business Lesson 1: 开账户 Opening a Bank Account Lesson 2: 投资与理财 Investing and Financial Management Unit 12 健 Health Lesson 1: 健康生活习惯 Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle Lesson 2: 健身与饮食 Exercise and Diet Unit 13 史 History Lesson 1: 秦始皇 Emperor Qin Shihuang Lesson 2: 逛孔庙 Going to the Confucian Temple Unit 14 绿 Environment Lesson 1: 旧货市场 Flea Market Lesson 2: 绿色校园 A Green Campus Unit 15 社 Society Lesson 1: 募捐活动 Fund-raising Event Lesson 2: 山区支教 Bringing Education to the Mountains Unit 16 梦 Dreams Lesson 1: 职业理想 Ideal Profession Lesson 2: 美梦成真 Dreams Come True


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