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GuRU is an offline* teaching App covering single shot and continuous peripheral nerve blocks. The videos and information are all accessed from within ...

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GuRU is an offline* teaching App covering single shot and continuous peripheral nerve blocks. The videos and information are all accessed from within the app with no connection to the internet required. (*Internet access is required for links accessed from within the app and tertiary video content.) A unique system that combines live sonoanatomy via ultrasound scans, 3D animated anatomy and real time video of the performance of regional anaesthetic nerve blocks. All elements are combined and synchronised with audible narration. * Full length offline demonstrations of many regional anaesthetic techniques. * Insertion of a Pajunk E-Cath (CPNB) * A video guide to the Pajunk E-Cath, including setting up of the system, insertion and fixation. * 3D Animated anatomical models, interlinked with live ultrasound scans. * Synchronised (US and camera) nerve mapping scans. * Visualise a whole block from start to finish. * Clear narration during the procedure. * A source of tips and advice which we wished had been around when we started using ultrasound. * Easy accessed tabs for Anatomy, Procedure and Tips. * Stunning full screen diagrams. * Annotated ultrasound screen shots. * Fantastic for the novice or experienced anaesthesia provider. * Learning tool for ODP’s, ODA’s, Anaesthetic nurses, PA(A)’s, AA’s, CRNA’s and all staff working within regional anaesthesia. * Medical students can gain a better insight into regional anaesthesia. A tab system gives the user access to anatomy, procedure, tips and equipment. The anatomy tab gives an overview of anatomy related to the specific block, it includes schematic diagram’s which can be expanded to full screen. The procedures tab is a full pictorial and text guide to the performance of the specific block, including annotated ultrasound screen captures to help visualise nerves. The tips tab contains useful advice related to the selected block, also included is advice on the use of ultrasound and local anaesthetics. A must have app for both junior and senior anaesthetic staff as well as practitioners working within regional anaesthesia. The blocks are: Interscalene & Mapping Supraclavicular & Mapping Infraclavicular Axillary x 2 & Mapping Radial Nerve & Mapping Median Nerve & Mapping Ulnar Nerve & Mapping TAP Femoral Nerve & CPNB Saphenous Nerve Popliteal Sciatic PECS1 PECS2 PECS1 and 2 combined Serratus anterior Dedicated nerve mapping videos now make orientating yourself with anatomy even easier. Using demonstrator video interlinked with annotated live ultrasound scanning can help you to locate and track nerves and other relevant anatomy. (The nerve mapping videos will be available as online content to cut down on the size of the app, an internet connection will be required to access these.)More blocks will be added to this app, contact us to let us know what you would like to see in future updates. This App is exactly what it says it is - it’s a guide. It doesn’t set out to replace a standard text book. It certainly isn’t a substitute for a sound knowledge of anatomy and local anaesthetic pharmacology. It’s more of a guide to the occasional blocker, a refresher to the more experienced, and a teaching aid to the trainer. We are a busy hospital with a heavy teaching commitment. Therefore we choose to use nerve stimulation in conjunction with ultrasound as we feel it adds another layer of safety to the patient, and reassurance to the operator.


Technical specifications

Version: 5.0.2

Size: 764.95 MB


Price: 5,78 €

Developed by University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Day of release: 2014-03-7

Recommended age: 17+

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