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CALCIVIS imaging system-visualising the invisible to enable preventive dentistry. Introducing the concept behind the CALCIVIS imaging system, this short ...

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CALCIVIS imaging system-visualising the invisible to enable preventive dentistry. Introducing the concept behind the CALCIVIS imaging system, this short animation shows how the CALCIVIS imaging system applies CALCIVIS photoprotein which, in the presence of free calcium ions, produces a very short, low level light flash. An integrated intraoral sensor within the CALCIVIS imaging device immediately detects the luminescence (light flash) and presents clinicians with a chair side demineralization image for discussion with patients. Calcium ions, in fluid filled enamel pores, act as markers of active demineralisation, regardless of cause (‘early’, none, or micro-cavitated caries or erosive). Visualising these free calcium ions is the CALCIVIS key to unlocking minimal intervention approaches and motivating patient engagement meaning that when identified early, non-cavitated active enamel demineralisation can be “healed” with oral health advice and simple topical treatments. CALCIVIS photoprotein is a first for dentistry: a dental biologic which produces light exclusively as a reaction to the presence of free calcium ions released from actively demineralising tooth surfaces such as those associated with caries or erosion. When CALCIVIS photoprotein contacts free calcium ions, such as those found on actively demineralising tooth surfaces, a very short, low-level flash of light (luminescence) is created which is undetectable by the naked eye. Luminescence is different to fluorescence: the reflection of a light by a substance that has had another light energy shone on it. Unique to CALCIVIS imaging system the resulting luminescence occurs only in the presence of free calcium (bound calcium in sound enamel does not generate the light signal) meaning that CALCIVIS delivers a predictable result with low or no false positives. CALCIVIS imaging device is a specialised device designed exclusively to image the tooth surface after delivering a metered application of CALCIVIS photoprotein. Initiated via a “one touch” computer controlled process, a specialized sensor integrated into the device immediately detects the resulting luminescence (light flash). In less than 1 second, bespoke software presents a chair side demineralization “hot-spot” image map to clinicians, enabling informed and efficient dialogue with patients. CALCIVIS imaging system supports the preventive dentistry approach by enabling minimal intervention decision-making, improved patient motivation and compliance in caries management and associated enamel demineralization conditions.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 122.03 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Immersive VR Ltd

Day of release: 2017-05-17

Recommended age: 12+

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