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D-Link+ Viewer To View and control Your D-Link Camera using iPhone, iPhone 5 & iPod Touch. It is very Quick and Easy Access to your D-Link IP Camera over ...

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D-Link+ Viewer To View and control Your D-Link Camera using iPhone, iPhone 5 & iPod Touch. It is very Quick and Easy Access to your D-Link IP Camera over both GSM/LTE and WIFI Networks - You don't need to find out Camera IP Address anymore! The Application Automatically scans your network and find out your camera IP address over wireless. - Works with Dynamic DNS services. - With single touch, you will be able to zoom in/out, Pan, Tilt and Move to Locations (Presence) ... etc. - You can build unlimited number of cameras to view them in full screen Portrait and Landscape modes - Snapshot feature allows you to save the camera image to your photos folder for use later. - Comprehensive support is available by contacting support@cloud4cam.com D-Link+ Viewer supports the Following Cameras: - D-Link DCS-1000 - D-Link DCS-1100 - D-Link DCS-1130 - D-Link DCS-1130 L - D-Link DCS-2000 - D-Link DCS-2100 - D-Link DCS-2102 - D-Link DCS-2103 - D-Link DCS-2120 - D-Link DCS-2121 - D-Link DCS-2130 - D-Link DCS-2132L - D-Link DCS-2132LB1 - D-Link DCS-2136 L - D-Link DCS-2210 - D-Link DCS-2210L - D-Link DCS-2230 - D-Link DCS-2310 L - D-Link DCS-2330 L - D-Link DCS-2332 L - D-Link DCS-2530 L - D-Link DCS-2630 L - D-Link DCS-3112 - D-Link DCS-3220 - D-Link DCS-3410 - D-Link DCS-3411 - D-Link DCS-3415 - D-Link DCS-3430 - D-Link DCS-3710 - D-Link DCS-3710B1 - D-Link DCS-3716 - D-Link DCS-4602EV - D-Link DCS-4701E - D-Link DCS-5009 L - D-Link DCS-5010 L - D-Link DCS-5020 L - D-Link DCS-5029 L - D-Link DCS-5030 L - D-Link DCS-5211 L - D-Link DCS-5220 - D-Link DCS-5220 B1 - D-Link DCS-5222 L - D-Link DCS-5222 L B1 - D-Link DCS-5230 - D-Link DCS-5230 L - D-Link DCS-5300 - D-Link DCS-5300 W - D-Link DCS-5605 - D-Link DCS-5610 - D-Link DCS-5635 - D-Link DCS-6004 L - D-Link DCS-6010 L - D-Link DCS-6110 - D-Link DCS-6111 - D-Link DCS-6112 - D-Link DCS-6113 - D-Link DCS-6410 - D-Link DCS-6510 - D-Link DCS-6511 - D-Link DCS-6513 - D-Link DCS-6616 - D-Link DCS-6620 - D-Link DCS-6817 B1 - D-Link DCS-6818B1 - D-Link DCS-7010 L - D-Link DCS-7110 - D-Link DCS-7510 - D-Link DCS-900 - D-Link DCS-910 - D-Link DCS-920 - D-Link DCS-930 - D-Link DCS-930 L - D-Link DCS-930 LB1 - D-Link DCS-931 L - D-Link DCS-932 - D-Link DCS-932 L - D-Link DCS-932 LB1 - D-Link DCS-933 L - D-Link DCS-934 L - D-Link DCS-935 L - D-Link DCS-936 L - D-Link DCS-940 L - D-Link DCS-942 L - D-Link DCS-942 LB1 - D-Link DCS-960 L © D-Link and all D-Link base marks are trademarks of D-Link Systems, Inc.


Technical specifications

Version: 9.7

Size: 13.4 MB


Price: 1,88 €

Developed by IP Helper

Day of release: 2011-06-14

Recommended age: 4+

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