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What is Dextra? Dextra is a collaborative platform for creative professionals – artists, designers, musicians, dancers, writers, filmmakers, photographers, ...

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What is Dextra? Dextra is a collaborative platform for creative professionals – artists, designers, musicians, dancers, writers, filmmakers, photographers, etc. – to profile all their creativity objectively, and find or be found by other complementary professions for collaboration. Think of LinkedIn with its portfolios, search and feed, but only for professionals in art, design, music, dance, literature, drama, film, photography, and their sub-domains. With an interface which does art justice. What do I get from Dextra? • Profile all your creativity objectively Collate your creative work from various domains of art in one place. • Find creative people as per your needs Connect with creative people filtered by location, availability & skill. • Collaborate with different artists Cross-collaborate with complementary skills with easy credit sharing. How is Dextra different? • Only App with all the arts on one platform At Dextra, you find find creative people from all domains of art at one place. Be it musician, dancer, writers, filmmakers, photographers or any other creative profession. • Artist discovery more than art discovery Most art platforms link users to their projects through a few hashtags which can range from #guitar to #absoluterandomcrap. But, we have formalized the way people mention how they contribute to a project by use of a predefined list of creative skills called 'dexes'. Dexes range from Guitar, Street Dance and Blog Writing to Animation, Interior Design and 3D Art. • Collaboration more than consumption The uniqueness of Dextra is in the cross collaboration between the arts. Our app’s organization of content both for finding someone for collaboration or finding something for consumption is unique and makes it easy to find artists. • Curation as much as creation The community analyzes the content based on the dex, and reviews it accordingly. Creativity today is not about being good at a mainstream skill. It's about coming up with different things which make you stand out. Our app allows different arts to come together to collaborate among each other. Musicians with Filmmakers. Writers with Illustrators. Designers with Architects. No other major company has seen, or at least expressed, the beauty of collaboration to this level. Yet. Artists on the Dextra app can link their work from YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Vimeo etc. and we just act as the aggregator where everyone would come to find, or even consume. Where is Dextra headed to? • Global creative expression A platform where everyone expresses their creativity in various domains of art, on one app. • Community of Creatives A global network of creative people available for each other’s expression. • World without walls Giving reasons for people across the globe to connect, and collaborate. Come join the growing creative community at Dextra today!


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Developed by Dextra Arts Services Private Limited

Day of release: 2017-05-9

Recommended age: 12+

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