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SpainParanormal is honored and want to give special thanks to Mr. Jason Haxton, for his help, documentation and graphic content. Thanks Jason for allowing ...

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SpainParanormal is honored and want to give special thanks to Mr. Jason Haxton, for his help, documentation and graphic content. Thanks Jason for allowing me to use it and your support.

And thanks to my friend Blaine Nelson who suggest me to do it.

Javier Sanz.
DibbukBox Ghost Box official app by Spain Paranormal.

This ghost box, is inspired on one of the most haunted objects in the world, The Dibbuk Box. Actual owner Jason Haxton, MA, DO (h.c.) has been the director of a Medical Museum In the Mid-west since January 2001.  Besides managing the Museum that was created in 1934, he makes multiple international trips each year (Russia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Brazil and the UK ) to provide lectures, historic research materials and promote health and explains the spirituality and immortality of the soul,

Besides writing "The Dibbuk Box" a book used for the Hollywood #1 Box Office hit "The Possession" directed by Sam Raimi ( Jason Haxton was the Production Consultant), he has been featured on paranormal shows with Zak Bagans for Deadly Possessions and other cable networks.

To know more:
or read his book “The Dibbuk Box” Truman University Press - 2011

This ITC tool contains the real pic of the real Dibbuk Box and a set of disturbing audios, some of them from real evps that seems come from hell to act as trigger sounds, and all of them reversed audios in different lenguages (english, spanish, hebrew, a little french and little german) all distributed in 14 banks. It has a manual speed set with + and - buttons and an auto speed button.
The Rec button starts your device camera to record video and audio of your session, for review possible evidences of intelligent communication (You can light the Torch if your device have flash built in, activate it just after pushing Rec in the app and before start recording video in camera menu, touch the flash symbol, very useful in dark places)

WARNING! Our test reveals that this box attract negative entities, so be careful with this one. Only for people that dont scares easy and more that 18 years old.
Please dont download this app if you dont match this mature range. Spain Paranormal is not responsible in any way of the consequences of the use of this ghost box.
Please pay attention, since update 1.14 and thanks to a real evp audio captured and send to me by Javier Vargas (thanks for that my friend) this ghost box is giving us more intelligent responses than ever but seems to attract more negative entities than ever too. So be very careful and stay safe.
Protect yourself before and after using this app. This is not a toy at all.
Disclaimer: Nobody can to guarantee spirit communication with any ITC tool. This app is based in our own theories and research of the paranormal field.


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Developed by Spain Paranormal

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