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Most of the market Invoicing or ERP system data stored in other people's servers, the data vulnerable to theft and leakage. And the number of public host ...

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Most of the market Invoicing or ERP system data stored in other people's servers, the data vulnerable to theft and leakage. And the number of public host with the number of slow speed.        In view of this we launched the Enterprise Edition Invoicing system. 1. Support internal Wi-Fi network, mobile App + server (personal computer or cloud host). 2. Support a key to install on the Ali cloud server 3. If you are too troublesome to use our cloud host. Store the data on your private computer or cloud host. One key to run without installation and deployment. Suitable for data security and speed requirements of individuals or businesses. Welcome to the free download experience. Http://www.iosbuy.com/app/invoiceServer.htm 1. Invoicing module, tube cargo tube inventory tube commodity tube financial management client supplier 2. Mobile office, employee check-in leave approval work report news bulletin field track record 3. Mall, seamless docking Invoicing, customer orders, Invoicing single, WeChat sharing, sales promotion of goods 4. Support multi-user, multi-store, chain retail can be used, you can add the staff distribution authority to log in use 5. Provide Apple and Web pages and other platforms of the client. Interoperability with the platform. 6. Consumers can use the "transfer business" APP orders, "transfer of Invoicing" received notice after the receipt, delivery. The 7. Support the consumer WeChat sweep the next single, buy cash register backdoor can automatically order and automatically print orders. Let your turnover increase. The The Support the use of LAN, to http://www.iosbuy.com/app/invoiceServer.htm download and install the server software to support a key to install on the computer. Support multiplayer sharing. Installed after running, enter a new server address on the APP can be. The data is saved on your computer. Safe and fast. Support the printing of goods stickers labels, posted on the goods, swept away to sell. Support chain distribution, customers can find the company's products inside the business, and then to the next single. You can upload merchandise pictures, customers can browse the product picture Provide online order function. You can assign a name to the customer in the employee of the site, assign the permissions, and then log in to visit their own goods to their own orders. You can automatically generate bar code pictures and can print out to facilitate the management of goods Support wireless portable Bluetooth print, you can hold the phone and printer wherever you go can print orders Logistics Order Tracking Status Management You can locate the post job can record the track where the trail where to go can be recorded, to open the positioning of the background refresh You can write a job log report can leave the approval can be approved by the financial approval of the picture approval Can be more than co-stock sales inventory logistics distribution tracking. The boss knows the data and sees the report anytime, anywhere You can add delete queries and browse data online Purchase and return management Sales and return management can print sales data Inventory calculation Customer management Supplier management Payable payable sales statistics The data is saved on the server Online operation You can manage your data pages with your phone to manage your data on your site Can be used by many people online distribution authority So that you can assign more rights with the web version of the inventory with the use of together. very convenient. Mobile phone submission data other people have the appropriate permissions can be seen immediately Mobile office Work report 2. leave 3. gps sign in 4. news bulletin 5. Financial approval 6. gps track tracking Continue to use the global positioning system in the background to run, can greatly reduce battery life APP tags to print video tutorials Http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTM4MDEzMjU2MA==.html


Technical specifications

Version: 6.68

Size: 31.62 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by zhuxian zhu

Day of release: 2013-04-18

Recommended age: 4+

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