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LegalResolved- Everything Legal is Here How good is it to have access to eminent lawyers from across the country everywhere you go? To get free legal ...

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LegalResolved- Everything Legal is Here How good is it to have access to eminent lawyers from across the country everywhere you go? To get free legal advice or any legal help at any time you require? While Service providers promise you network everywhere, LegalResolved promises you lawyers everywhere your network goes. The Legal Resolved App is a one-stop destination for everything legal, the solution to all your legal issues, your omnipresent legal advisor and friend. Featured on Business World and several other national and international media Legal Resolved is a repository of free legal advice, a platform to find lawyers to handle your litigation, a lawyers diary, a medium to get pre-booked consultations with top lawyers near you; to get any legal document reviewed, and more. Find the Best Lawyers near You! The lawyers enumerated in the Advocates Diary cover a variety of practice areas including Family Law, Environmental Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Taxation Law etc.; every Indian Law that you could name. The App comes with a separate section of Indian Kanoon, where you would find a knowledge-bank of informative content including News, Judgments and Articles. The Client App and the Lawyer App separately cater to the requirements of clients and lawyers. Avail free legal advice though the Website query page, and get detailed consultation with lawyers on pre-booked appointments to proceed with litigation. This is the most useful Lawyer App facilitating lawyers to connect not only with clients but also with other lawyers and appoint them to handle litigation for them in other jurisdictions. The Lawyers Diary helps you find the most prominent lawyers in different practice areas spread over all major cities in India. We compile and segregate the varied and complex Indian laws with several ancillary statutes and their principal legislations, to facilitate easy reference. A catena of Services – All at one Place Legal Resolved is the best platform to seek free legal advice, consultation, quotes, legal document review, access to Advocates Diary and a catena of other services. Having this App in your phone means your lawyer goes with you everywhere, and all the time, and at every odd place provided you have a feasible network connection. Consider a scenario where you need emergency legal advice before signing an agreement but have no time to go find a lawyer; post a Priority question on the App and get a prompt reply from our experts within 30 minutes to 2 hours. If you need clarifications on the terms included in a contract, or need to review property documents, or want to receive quotes from several proficient lawyers in relation to your legal requirement, all you need to have is the Legal resolved App! Major Benefits of having the App: Get free legal Advice Get all documents reviewed by expert lawyers Pre-Booked consultations with lawyers near you Get all-round assistance from our case managers Get an Advocates Diary or Lawyers Diary for quick reference Have access to Legal help all the time Stay updated on latest developments in law through Indian Kanoon Take your virtual Lawyer and Legal Advisor everywhere you go In short, Legal Resolved is your lawyer, advisor and friend; a solution to all your legal issues, at your fingertips.


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