How many times have you been in a place with a group of people you either know or don't, the mood isn't just the right one, and you feel the ...

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How many times have you been in a place with a group of people you either know or don't, the mood isn't just the right one, and you feel the need to find the right way to start having crazy fun with them? In this case, Friendwars is the ultimate icebreaker that will transform any social meeting into a party! No matter if you are indoors in a friend's house, travelling on a boat, or drinking a coffee outside, Friendwars will provide you the tools to have fun anywhere, anytime!
With ten different games to choose from at the moment, from quiz and word trivia, to pantomime and singing, countless hours of fun are guaranteed, plus any number of players can join. Just split them into two teams, assign someone the hosting role and give it a go! Points for each team are automatically assigned, and the biggest score at the end, wins!
Here are the main features of Friendwars:

Ten Selectable Games. With soon to follow another 10 games, current version offers a collection of ten games, from quiz and word trivia games, to pantomime, singing and others.
Minimalistic Gameplay. Simply follow the game's instructions and start playing. Everything is automated from teams order of play, to play timing and scoring, while some rules can become pretty flexible and can be adjusted by the host, prior to the games start.
Unlimited Number of Players. Friendwars is a party game without a participant number limit. Everyone can participate and play, just split everyone into two teams and go. More the players, better the fun!
No Einstein Skills Required. The main purpose of the game is a group play game for everyone to having fun. Thus if you are looking for a game about 'who's the smartest' or 'who's the best', then search elsewhere.
Bonus Rule of Thumb. Provoking and teasing your opponents during the game, is strictly advised!

With Friendwars fun never stops. Even if you don't fell in love with all the games, most of them will you make a hardcore fan from the first time you play it! It's really an addiction for most. Want a promo code to check it out for 30 days? Please ask, and we will send you one!


We'd love to hear from you so leave a review and tell us what can we do to make this the best group play party game!


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