Welcome to Glist – Your one-stop iPhone app to take the guesswork out of giving presents and sharing gift ideas with family and friends. When you add ...

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Welcome to Glist – Your one-stop iPhone app to take the guesswork out of giving presents and sharing gift ideas with family and friends. When you add your gift ideas on Glist, you’re not just listing gifts. You’re creating your very own personalised gift registry for that special event – whether it’s Christmas Day with the family or Valentine’s Day with that special someone. Provide your family and friends with a window into your favourite things by inviting them to view your list and get the perfect gift for you. So how does Glist make giving and receiving gifts so simple and convenient? With our three amazing ways to get that perfect gift: Create, Share, Find. • Create Your Wish List – It starts with you. Ever been out shopping and found exactly what you want for your birthday? With Glist, you can create your wish list and add that gift idea in less than a minute! Start by selecting the New List icon in the top right of the My Lists page. Customise the list for the special occasion by including a List Name, Event Type, Event Date and a List Cover Photo for all your family and friends to see. Simply Check In to the location where you found something you like, take a Photo, write a Description and add the Price for that perfect gift. All your lists are conveniently stored on My Lists, making it easier to find and share anytime, anywhere. • Share Your Gift Ideas – Invite family and friends. Ever been asked 'What would you like for Christmas?' or 'What would your kids like for their Birthday?' Luckily for you, Glist makes it easy to share gift ideas for yourself and others via Text Message and Facebook. Start by selecting the list you want to share from you’re My Lists page. Select the Share List button in the bottom right to access the unique List ID used to identify that Gift Wish List. From there, simply share the List Name and List ID by selecting Share via SMS or Share via Messenger. This allows the family and friends you want to see your gift ideas to securely view and check the list you have invited them to. • Find That Perfect Gift – The right present for the right person. Is there anything more awkward than getting that special someone a gift they didn’t want? Or perhaps you did get that perfect present… but someone else gave them that perfect gift first (Awkward!). Glist takes the guesswork (and awakes!) out of gift giving by allowing you to browse that special someone’s wish list and getting them exactly what they want. Simply select Find List and enter the List Name and unique List ID to access the gift wish list you’ve been invited to. Every item on the list has a status of either Available or Gifted to help you avoid duplicating gifts when shopping for that perfect present. Simply select on Available item on the list to see what the gift is, where to find it and how much it cost. Once you gotten that perfect present, tap the Gifted button and enjoy the gift giving experience that awaits!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 35.26 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Lani Edis

Day of release: 2016-11-28

Recommended age: 4+

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