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I Wanna Save the Fox – a new hardcore platformer game in iwbtg style. Beautiful, but very hard to play platformer. 90% testers couldn’t beat this game. ...

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I Wanna Save the Fox – a new hardcore platformer game in iwbtg style. Beautiful, but very hard to play platformer. 90% testers couldn’t beat this game. Could YOU?!
Game is easy to learn, but hard to master. For patient hardcore-lovers.
- Good mobile controls;
- Over 30 hard levels to beat;
- Boss battles;
- Secret items;
- Many locations: dungeon, forest and other;
- Classic needle-platformer arcade interface!
In i Wanna Save the Fox game you have to save the guy from different monsters, such as:
- Fire-breathing salamanders;
- Giant snowmans;
- Speared savages;
- Skeleton knights, goblins and other monsters.
During playthrough your main guy will die a lot. Fox dies from collision of any obstacle, mostly from spikes, then you start from last save-point.
-Game style and requirements-

iwbtg-games represents 8-bit style, that means that I Wanna Save the Fox has very low requirements: you can run the game on any Android device with OS Android 2.3 or higher.

-Challenging game-

Difficulty levels id not provived in this release, besides i work on that to release future updates. I think there might be 2-3 different difficulty levels.
I Wanna Save the Fox – really hard to play arcade game with elaborated level design. You sure wanna complete this game at any cost.
Some players find this genre a true masochism :) But this kind of games has also a lot of fans, that play different fangames on their mobile phone or PC. People that play iwbtg fangames often look for challenge, and I Wanna Save the Fox gives that challenge to them, by being a mobile game of one of the most hard arcade games in the world, especially when it comes to touch controls.
-Save points-

You can save your progress. Save points implemented in the middle of levels, also you save automatically by entering new level. If your guy dies – you revive at last saved point. You also can close the game and come back later, just load your last save state.


Bosses in this arcade platformer are the most hard and challenging part. Even succeeded in iwbtg fangames players can take up to several dozens of tries to kill the boss.
Every boss in platformer has at least 3 different attacks, each attack is well-animated and hard to beat. Only the guy can kill all of them and come to the end!
In I Wanna Save the Fox arcade your main guy has the pistol. Pistol is the only weapon at the moment. With that you can kill monsters and bosses, you can also push monsters to spikes or to another monster to kill it!


I Wanna Save the Fox has the best graphics of mobile games in iwbtg-needle-platformers genre. All graphics is 100% unique, been drawn by an artist!
You can download latest version of this “I wanna game” on Google Play Market – the only safe place that gives you 100% real updates!

-Development plans-

I will be updating this game on regular basis. Please get in touch if you found any bugs or other stuff!
If game becomes popular enough, here’s the plans:
- Make over 200 levels in 6 different locations;
- Cutscenes, storyline, dialogues;
- Many characters to play: from 3 to 10 different guys to choose from, each of them will have it’s own story and appearance, also weapon!
- Optional locations;
- More secret items, including ones that affecting main course of the game.


Technical specifications

Version: 3

Size: 0 B


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Andrey Malykhin

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