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Welcome to Libro Organizer. This is the ultimate book organizer and the only one you need. Whether you’re a book lover, collector, or even just a student ...

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Welcome to Libro Organizer. This is the ultimate book organizer and the only one you need. Whether you’re a book lover, collector, or even just a student that has a huge personal collection of books, this is the book management app for you. What’s inside? KEY FEATURES • Catalogue and organize your print book collection! • Add and import your print book collection using ISBN scanner or Google book search. • Book Stacks allow you to organize and categorize your books in a powerful way like a true librarian! • Share your books on Social Media • Import book lists from other book cataloging service BEAUTIFUL, SIMPLE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN • unclutter your mind by organizing your book collection • clean, minimalistic, artistic design with modern look • functional features that are well thought out to provide intuitive user experience EASY & FUN WAYS TO ADD & IMPORT BOOKS • Import books into Libro Organizer using our lightning fast and fun to use ISBN scanner. • ISBN scanner is designed to handle one book scan after another. We have made the ultimate scanner that works so fast that we’re able to say that we have one of the fastest ISBN scanners out there. Keep scanning away! • Importing can also be done through searching the books using the search option. • For rare/unique books, you can import by manually create an entry of the book. ORGANIZE BOOKS USING STACKS • Stacks is the super powerful yet flexible way to organize your books. • Put your books into Stacks and name them however you want! • Beauty of our stacks is that books can go into multiple stacks. Like organize your books by the author? Or by what room it’s in? Or maybe even the color of the book cover? You can do it all! • Even with thousands of books in your catalogue, we say no problem~ SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA & IMPORT FROM OTHER APPS • Share on Social Media - Ever have one of those moments where you’re talking to one of your friends about a book you’re reading? Share the book’s info at the touch of a button by text, messaging, email, social media, etc. • Do you use other iOS book apps for iPhone and iPad? You can import book list from other services into Libro Organizer. CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA We’re a brand new app and we’ve got lots more in store for you, so stay in touch with us! • Instagram : • Facebook : • Twitter : • Snapchat : CUSTOMER REVIEWS & TESTIMONIALS: Awesome! by Emifixthis This app is exactly what I've been looking for! The find more books feature works much better than all the other apps I've tried out! The new json export feature is amazing since that format is so flexible and can be converted easily into any format you like. The developers are super responsive and really respond quickly, (sorry I was so later responding back guys)! The app is lightweight, simple, does not bog you down with too many features you don't need or want and the barcode scanner works great too! Great app-tinder meets goodreads meets facebook and More!! by Sumire0097432 Finally- a no brainer book cataloguing tool for me to scan and bookkeep all my books. And a powerful search engine- so far it has survived all the esoteric searches I entered. Plus: meeting people via borrowing and loaning. Great stuff!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3.0

Size: 68.27 MB


Price: 4,19 €

Developed by Wild Brains LLC

Day of release: 2017-09-1

Recommended age: 4+

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