Microphone Lock

Stop Microphone Recordings. Control your Security and Privacy.
-- This app mutes the microphone and blocks microphone recordings
to ...

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Stop Microphone Recordings. Control your Security and Privacy.
-- This app mutes the microphone and blocks microphone recordings
to prevent secret recording of voice, sounds and phone calls
by hackers, malicious apps, spies, government, companies, data collectors,
and anyone else without your permission.
(Some top govt officials and executives block their camera and microphone.)

The "Microphone Lock" app includes these controls:
1. Microphone Lock: Mutes microphone volume and blocks recording.
2. Password Lock: Protects access to this app and widget locks.

This app is useful to:
-- Avoid secret recording and tracking.
-- Protect your privacy and security.
-- Prevent unauthorized microphone use by others.
-- Avoid accidental and "pocket" recording.

App privacy and security:
++ This app does not have access to your photos or data.
++ This app does not collect your personal data.
++ This app does not send any data from your device.
++ This app does not have access to the Internet.
++ This app does not display marketing ads.

How to use:
-- To lock or unlock the microphone, tap the "Microphone" lock (or widget.)
"Microphone Lock" app will immediately lock or unlock the microphone.
This app will maintain the lock state indefinitely until you change it,
even if the device is restarted or turned off.
-- Lock the "Password" lock (or widget) to prevent others
from using this app and changing the app or locks.

App features:
-- Quick: Instantly lock and unlock with lock widgets.
-- Easy: Lock several functions with one touch.
-- Friendly: Detailed searchable help documentation.
-- Flexible: Most app settings can be changed.
-- Modern: Designed for tablets and multi-window devices.
-- Reliable: Works with most standard phones and tablets.

-> To uninstall: Settings > Deactivate this app > Uncheck "Enable Microphone Lock".
-> This app is subject to periodic license verification.
-> This is a security app. Modifying or reinstalling this app is not recommended.
-> This app should be installed directly from the App Store.
-> This app should be installed in internal storage.
-- Device Administrator permission:
This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This permission is required for:
- Password Lock force-lock function.

-- For questions or issues, please tap (?) "Help".
-- To report issues or suggest improvements, send "Mail" from the app.
-- If you like this app or find it useful, please rate it in the app store.
++ For more security and privacy controls, see our other apps.
Thank you.

Benefits: Stop secret tracking, protect privacy, improve security, stop spying,
prevent recording, block unauthorized access.
Functions: Lock microphone, stop recording, block sounds, block audio, disable microphone,
mic lock, mute microphone, mike block, mute phone, disable recording, mute voice.
Effects: Spy blocker, stop hackers, block malware, virus protection, secure access.

Copyright (C) 2014-2017 Leo R. All rights reserved.
This app and associated design, contents and presentation are proprietary copyrighted works and may be used only under the terms of the License Agreement. To preview the Agreement visit the app website.
App purchases are final, non-refundable and non-transferable.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.2.842

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Developed by Expert Systems Co

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