Moto Robot vs Monster Sharks

Do you love to play hunting shark games and moto robot games? We’re offering the combination of both these marvelous motorcycle games and monster shark ...

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Do you love to play hunting shark games and moto robot games? We’re offering the combination of both these marvelous motorcycle games and monster shark games. Drift your super fast robot moto in this a fast paced moto racing game with a twist of shark attack games as well. Amazing super robot monster has always played a role on catching the bad guys. In this moto robot hero simulator, moto robot finds monster sharks to kill them. The moto robot game allows you to be a super robot hero in this robot hero final battle. Experience the underwater moto driving with robot man and kill the sea monster sharks. Its’s time to enter the shark world and enjoy the hunting of shark with futuristic bike experience. Swim with this submarine bike like a scuba diver that is new fangled in other futuristic games. Download moto robot vs monster shark, drive carefully and become the skilled moto rider like car driving games. Have you ever driven moto bike to underwater at top speed and kill the monster hunter sharks? This motorbike diving simulator will offer you extent to try unlimited virtual speed journey with different types of shark killing stunts. Drive your moto bike in the massive sea and watch out for the hungry shark monster, fishes and other sea monster. We have designed different exigent missions for you. In each level you will face disparate challenges to do. After completion of every challenge you will get some extra points. Drive your heavy bike like sea boats in the deep sea and enjoy the experience of thrill. Dive down to the depth of the ocean and find out all brutal sharks to kill them. After killing put them into the carrier bag. You need to transport sharks on desired location that is unique in transporter games. A gun is placed on the bike show off your shooting skill and become a monster shooter that you have never seen in any other monster shooting games. You need to avoid other enemies and sea animals which are ready to attack. Hunting angry shark can randomly bite you. Submarine moto simulator, is made for all fans who loved to play flying bike games, underwater motorbike games and shark monster games. Moto robot vs monster shark Features: - Realistic & dynamic moto bike physics with outstanding graphics - Innovative and submarine bike with gun - Smooth gameplay and easy control - Water submarine speedboat qualities in fast automobile - Angry shark ready to attack - Underwater games mixed with full of motorbike games - 10 thrilling levels with astounding gameplay If you really want to face the venture of excitement, then come and enjoy attack of the monster shark in this monster game, fusion of all shark hunting games and shark monster games. Monster robot has proved himself a true mutant superhero. Explore the sea world and find treasure with superb revolutionary submarines. Download moto robot vs monster shark, and get pleasure with amusing features of monster hero, supreme of all motorbike games and robot hero games.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 137.83 MB


Price: 0,87 €

Developed by WAQAS AKRAM

Day of release: 2017-07-12

Recommended age: 12+

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