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My Wallet allows contactless payment when you are shopping. My Wallet is an easy and secure alternative to the physical Dankort and the Visa/Dankort (only ...

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My Wallet allows contactless payment when you are shopping. My Wallet is an easy and secure alternative to the physical Dankort and the Visa/Dankort (only the Dankort part). First time using My Wallet, choose your bank. My Wallet enables you to have a virtual version of your existing Dankort on your mobile phone. When your virtual Dankort is loaded into My Wallet, you can use it for payments at payment terminals, in the same way you would use a contactless card. A payment with Dankort using My Wallet, corresponds to a payment with your physical contactless Dankort. >It is therefore not possible to use your My Wallet Dankort to pay for transactions/purchases on the internet or outside Denmark, Faroe Islands or Greenland. Access to My Wallet My Wallet requires: • Use your CPR-number upon registration • NemID • iPhone 4S or newer • A Dankort or Visa/Dankort issued for you. How to get started You can put a Dankort from the listed banks above in My Wallet, provided you have an account there. Only the Dankort(s) displayed can be added. Your bank may limit which payment cards you can add to My Wallet. First time using My Wallet you must: • Read and accept Terms and Conditions • select your bank from the list in the menu. If you are a customer of several banks, you can only select one bank at a time • identify yourself using NemID • choose the Dankort(s) you wish to have as virtual cards in My Wallet • choose a PIN for your virtual Dankort. You can always change the PIN in My Wallet under “Settings”. The PIN may not be the same as any password/code used for your smartphone or consist exclusively of identical or consecutive numbers, for instance 1111 or 1234. In order to use My Wallet, you must be a customer at one of the following banks: Alm. Brand Bank BankNordik Borbjerg Sparekasse Broager Sparekasse Danske Andelskassers Bank Den Jyske Sparekasse Djurslands Bank Dragsholm Sparekasse Dronninglund Sparekasse Eik Banki Fanø Sparekasse Faster Andelskasse Flemløse Sparekasse Folkesparekassen Frørup Andelskasse Frøs Sparekasse Frøslev-Mollerup Sparekasse Fynske Bank Fælleskassen GrønlandsBANKEN Hvidbjerg Bank Jutlander Bank Klim Sparekasse Kreditbanken Københavns Andelskasse Langå Sparekasse Lollands Bank Lægernes Bank Merkur Andelskasse Middelfart Sparekasse Møns Bank Nordfyns Bank Nordjyske Bank Norðoya Sparikassi PenSam Bank Refsnæs Sparekasse Ringkjøbing Landbobank Rise Sparekasse Rønde Sparekasse Salling Bank Saxo Privatbank Skjern Bank Sparekassen Balling Sparekassen Bredebro Sparekassen Den lille Bikube Sparekassen Djursland Sparekassen for Nørre Nebel og Omegn Sparekassen Fyn Sparekassen Kronjylland Sparekassen Sjælland Sparekassen Thy Sparekassen Vendsyssel Suðuroyar Sparikassi Søby-Skader-Halling Sparekasse Sønderhå-Hørsted Sparekasse Totalbanken Vestjysk Bank Østjydsk Bank


Technical specifications

Version: 2.3.0

Size: 28.77 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Lokale Pengeinstitutter

Day of release: 2017-03-28

Recommended age: 4+

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