All your digital gold at a glance. In seconds instead of hours. This app was developed for your to enable an easy entrance to the crypto world and an ...

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All your digital gold at a glance. In seconds instead of hours. This app was developed for your to enable an easy entrance to the crypto world and an up-to-date overview of your digital gold, regardless of your location, the time and the place of your wallets - no matter if they are at home, online or offline. You can easily view the rates of all entered digital currencies as well as the current balances and their sum - depending on your preference within a table or a chart. This App is no wallet but a summary of all entered digital currencies. SUPPORTED BLOCK EXPLORER Over 270 crypto currencies are supported with no additional setup, including: - BTC - Bitcoin - ETH - Ethereum - all supported currencies by - all supported currencies by (info: balances may be delayed up to 6 hours) Furthermore: - over 230 currencies of any given Bittrex account Detailed information for 275+ currencies and over 1000 rates are already integrated within the first version. The current list is scheduled to be included directly into the app by version 1.2 and our website. Even if your desired digital currency is not retrievable by now, you are still able to enter any of the 1300+ officially listed currencies manually. With upcoming versions, the integration of additional block explorers is possible as long as there is a providing API. VIEWS AND SETTINGS Choosable startup views: - Assets table - individually sortable overview of all entered currencies with the ability of going into detail - Pie chart of all assets - grouped by currency - Alternatively - all rates instead of assets Bitcoin rates for conversion to fiat currencies (USD, EUR, CHF,…) can be chosen from 9 sources as following (alphabetical order): - Bitfinex - BitPay - Bitstamp - BTC-e - Coinapult - Coinbase - ItBit - Kraken - QuadrigaCX You only need to set your preference once! Moreover, all currencies can be converted to any desired reference currency. By default they are converted to bitcoin. OFFLINE USAGE After the first data collection, using the app without internet works seamlessly. From now on, connectivity is only required for updating rates, balances and adding new sources via addresses or bittrex. ADDITIONAL FUNCTION “DISPLAY QR CODE“ - SELF-RESPONSIBILITY We provide the ability to show a QR code of any address added account. This makes receiving digital money easy and independent from any wallet. Since we are not able to check the ownership of the accounts entered by you, act with self-responsibility! We can not take liability for wrongly addressed transactions by you. This feature works even without network connection. Therefore, it is possible for you to receive digital coins no matter where you are. For checking transactions the according block explorer or wallet has to be used. PRIVACY All required access data are stored solely on your local device and are not transferred to our server at any time. Sensitive data (e.g. Bittrex keys) is not shown anywhere in the app after entering. With deleting the source the belonging data is removed from the device. Only secure connections directly to the providers are used for receiving account data. Rates are fetched independently from various interfaces. In near future rates will be buffered on our server for access and performance reasons. Personal data is never transferred to us or third parties. In case of an unexpected crash we kindly ask you to send anonymous crash data in order to fix the cause as soon as possible. FEEDBACK Your opinion is important to us! If you discover a bug or have any improvement suggestion, feel free to contact us! You can use the contact form on our website or send a mail directly to


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 63.9 MB


Price: 29,99 €

Developed by Georg Sparber

Day of release: 2017-04-21

Recommended age: 4+

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