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The Outperform Fitness (OPF) app turns your phone into the ultimate functional fitness tool. OPF is essential for anyone that enjoys functional fitness ...

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The Outperform Fitness (OPF) app turns your phone into the ultimate functional fitness tool. OPF is essential for anyone that enjoys functional fitness or is looking for a new way to workout, regardless of the programming methodology you currently follow. OPF is designed to help maximize your fitness potential by saving you time and taking the guess work out of training. OPF allows you to quickly and easily find functional fitness workouts through its user friendly intuitive interface. The vast workout database consists of thousands of comprehensive workouts consisting of professionally designed workouts and user created custom content. OPF’s user created custom content allows users to draw upon the breadth of knowledge from across the entire functional fitness community. The workout creation tool allows users to quickly and easily create these customized workouts which can then be shared throughout the entire community. Custom designed workouts can also be uploaded and shared via the users’ social media accounts. OPF includes numerous features to help make and plan your workouts easier. Warmup exercises designed by Physical Therapists are matched with movements in workouts to ensure you are properly warmed up. A mobility database that addresses mobility/stability and pain issues help you to improve your overall function or address specific problem areas. A comprehensive exercise video library demonstrating proper form/execution of movements, a built in multifunction timer for intervals, and of course an interactive calendar for you to quickly find, schedule, and track all of your workouts. Achieving your fitness goals has never been easier by leveraging the OPF app to maximize your potential and get the results you want. Spend less time asking “what workout should I do today” and start working out now. This is the first functional fitness app designed by users for users and we want you to join us and all the users who have already discovered Outperform Fitness to make this the best functional fitness app on the market. Features: -Developed by functional fitness experts and performance specific physical therapists -Workout database consisting of thousands of functional fitness workouts -Warm up database tailored for functional movements -Video database at your fingertips to demonstrate proper techniques -Mobility database consisting of preventive maintenance plans and rehabilitation exercises -Built-in Calendar allows you to quickly and easily develop and track workouts -Group function enables you to form groups with friends and family and then share workouts, comments, and more -Gym locator to help you find, rate and review functional fitness friendly gyms in your area -Built-in multifunction timer that is easily accessible to quickly support your workouts


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 36.58 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Outperform Fitness LLC

Day of release: 2016-09-18

Recommended age: 12+

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