Pictream is a photo browser that allows you to view photos easily by their date and location. Please use this app as a tool for tracing back through your ...

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Pictream is a photo browser that allows you to view photos easily by their date and location. Please use this app as a tool for tracing back through your lovely memories. It provides Kiosk Mode and Exhibition Mode functionality, which can be used for displaying catalogs in galleries and shops. ■Calendar Display - Calendar display of photos per day, month, and year. - Switch between calendars by flicking sideways on the screen. - Use "Latest" to display a list of the 100 most recent photos. ■Map Display - Display photos on a map based on their location information. - Zoom in and out on the map to rearrange the photos smoothly ■Thumbnail List - Display photos in sections based on the date they were saved. - Use the index list on the left to move photos to the desired year, month, and day. - Pinch in and out on the screen to change the size of the thumbnails. - Apply a search filter based on the type of photos and videos. - Select multiple photos to perform a variety of operations, such as adding them to albums or deleting them. ■Preview - Use the app’s proprietary preview interface to search for other photos quickly, even when in full screen mode. - View detailed information about photos (EXIF, etc.). ■Simple Editing Function - Built-in simple editing functionality provided by Adobe. - Edited photos are saved as new photos. ■3D Touch - Use 3D Touch to preview not only the photos, but also the calendar display and thumbnail list display. ■Today Widget - Immediately access photos in the last few days from the widget. ■Slideshow - Display preview photos as a slideshow. - Configure timings and transitions on slideshows. ■Kiosk Mode - This mode prevents you from executing certain operations by mistake while viewing photos. - Prevents users from editing of photos or transitioning to other screens. - To cancel this mode, enter a passcode or your TouchID (or restart the app). ■Exhibition Mode - In addition to kiosk mode, exhibition mode starts a slideshow automatically after the app is left idle for a specified amount of time. - Touch the screen to pause the slideshow and look through the photos manually. - You can use this function to display product catalogs in galleries and shops. ■Import Photos from iTunes File Sharing - Transfer photos from iTunes > Device > App > File Sharing > Pictream. - Use Settings Tab > Read In to read in the transferred data into your device's photo library. - If the data includes folders, a new album is created, using the folder name as the album name. ■Other Function - Display existing albums/smart albums. - View photos stored on iCloud. - Display videos and LivePhotos. - Supports iPad SplitView. ■ Support *If you need assistance, please contact us by going to Settings Tab > Feedback inside the app email: support@sorakaze.co.jp twitter: @sorakazeinc (photo by pakutaso.com)


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1.1

Size: 34.93 MB


Price: 1,69 €

Developed by sorakaze Inc.

Day of release: 2017-04-19

Recommended age: 4+

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