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Kids love puzzles, this education professional puzzle is an amazing learning game where kids will study and get acquainted with the occupations. Fun and ...

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Kids love puzzles, this education professional puzzle is an amazing learning game where kids will study and get acquainted with the occupations. Fun and educational learning puzzle game for small children. Learn professions is mean to be used by children together with their parents to encourage and support the learning in kindergarten, nursery and preschool kids. With this new game your kids and toddlers are encouraged to become the best professionals what they see and learn and will be able to recognize and memorize the careers and their nature of jobs. As a child, the kids tend to imitate their elders, so most of the games associated with adult careers such as  mechanic, doctor, firefighter, dentist, surgeon, cook, pilot, driver, gardener, hairdresser, teacher, policeman, army officer, commando, tailor, sailor, city builder, constructor, contractor, railway master, guard, plumber and many more to acquire and solve the brainteasers with this game, your kid will discover to acknowledge different types of professions and their names, in baby learning and solving puzzle in an entertaining style will acquire what kind of occupation exist and what tools and gadgets, items and devices these specialists use in their daily life. These professions will help children as they can explore what they want be when they grow up like, play and complete these awesome puzzles, be like a; Girls would certainly choose to be the best Hairdresser stylist in town, or be the best Tailor and Dress Designer to sew the smartest outfits like designers for the customers. Boys will certainly choose to be an Artist who can draw beautiful sceneries, portraits, sketches and drawings, or be the best City Builder and Constructor can develop huge malls and houses, parking lots using huge machinery and cranes to build the beautiful dream designer city. Doctor job can be acquired by both boys and girls, as Doctor can bring cure and Surgeons can operate patients using forceps, pricks and bandages, being a master chef or cook is a great job to do, to cook yummy food around the world preparing pizzas and other requisites. Being a policeman or cop is a hard job to be watchful to catch the hard time thief and prisoners and keep the city clean from crime and criminals and bring rule, justice and peace. To be a professional aviator kids need to know much about an airplane Pilot who can fly huge planes and can transfer people and cargo from one place to another. It’s a tough job to be an efficient firefighter and real hero of the city who can help in putting away huge fires and save injured people, Play firefighters interesting even that depends on you the life of the other characters. This puzzle game is an educational and learning tool for kids so that they can learn the names and character of the jobs they see in their daily life, this is really a good game for little girls and boys as there are best suitable professions for both boys and girls of all ages. Children can learn various unique occupations from pictures and by their names and enhanced experience is created by friendly and colourful pictures. Kids Puzzle - professions, will bring your kids, toddlers and children a positive mind-set, mood and happiness as well as affect their reaction and logical thinking for the better.


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Version: 1.0

Size: 100.16 MB


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Developed by Tabs A

Day of release: 2017-06-4

Recommended age: 4+

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