Real Dog Stunt & Jump Derby 3D

Get Set!, On Your Marks!, GO!, Get ready for the thrilling adventures and stunts in Real Dog Stunt & Jump Derby 3D? Dogs are man’s best friends. They ...

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Get Set!, On Your Marks!, GO!, Get ready for the thrilling adventures and stunts in Real Dog Stunt & Jump Derby 3D? Dogs are man’s best friends. They are loyal and quick learning creatures. Dogs used by the police and army are German shepherd and various special breed dogs having the qualities such as agility, loyalty, aggression and of course their powerful sniffing sense which are essential for a hunting dogs like hounds and bullterrier. As a real dog stunt and jump derby police trained dog, performing jumps and stunts can endure swinging, punching bags, smashing hammers and ramps, and dash through runways while leaping over hurdles. These K9 K-9 doggies will see the adventure and stunts of a lifetime. Select the best and finest breeds and show the world that you are the best trainer of the stunt dogs like German Shepherd, Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, Wild jungle Dog, dread Hunting Hounds and many more. In Real Dog Stunt & Jump Derby 3D, train dogs and puppies in police school and academy to perform the duties of a police dog who can chase the criminals, keep checks to the luggage at the airport and sniff the dangerous weapons and drugs and can perform stunts while chasing the criminals and mafia gangsters. As a stunt dog, which can perform daredevil K-9 stunts, as a police dog trainee you need to run, jump over the roofs without hitting anything within the given time. You goal is to chase and complete all stunning and challenging tasks to take up the dog stunt and jumping contest. Play as an ultimate Dalmatian, greyhound, bullterrier, bulldog, Rottweiler, German shepherd, hounds, K-9 or K9 dogs that can perform long jumps and daredevil stunts, start the show of the stunt dog and perform live stunts and get applauded by the crowed. Real Dog Stunt & Jump Derby 3D Simulator is a doggy stunt game, take your dog breed to the countryside, stunts arena with all kinds of challenging, awe inspiring obstacles. Be one of the best dog trainers who can train the stray and police dogs for all kinds of stunts and duties once you’ve passed the circuit several times in a row. Perform outstanding stunts only when you build your stunt and jumping abilities. Pick your breed of various dogs like hounds, German shepherd, Dalmatians, foxhounds and bullterrier. This Real Dog Stunt & Jump Derby 3D simulator is the latest in the list of dog stunts and racing games with an edge over regular animals like horse, camel, goat or chicken run and dog stunt games. Test your stunt skills by weaving through challenging obstacles in the much awaited dog race games. In Real Dog Stunt & Jump Derby 3D, choose your favorite breed and live the life of a well-trained police dog. Survive in a massive city filled with dangerous dogs. There are some hidden challenges available inside this game so be smart to find them and complete the challenging task. In this Real Dog Stunt & Jump Derby 3D clear the challenges and mission, pickup things, search for hidden stuff, find your way to the ending line clearing all the stunts and gain the winning points. Play as a real police dog and puppy - jump, bark and do whatever you want.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 105.76 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Atif Aziz

Day of release: 2017-05-1

Recommended age: 4+

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