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Visiting a new city? Need a Tour Guide? The age of “pocket” travel books are over and the era of new, interactive, digital tour guiding has begun! No ...

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Visiting a new city? Need a Tour Guide? The age of “pocket” travel books are over and the era of new, interactive, digital tour guiding has begun! No need for the so-called “experts” holding an umbrella and talking endlessly, let alone “that guy” with a banal question for every stopping point. The future is with us! Use our Samui Travel Guide App and make your stay in this paradise island unforgettable! Plan your vacation before you travel, discover the most interesting facts about Samui, live the bohemian dream in nightclubs and luxurious restaurants, while checking up on festivals, concerts and more! This handy app will transform your iPad into a convenient, efficient and informative mobile travel guide. With this must-have app you can: - Find all of Samui's major tourist attractions, get the lowdown on them, locate them on the map and read reviews left by locals and fellow travelers; - Get access to four interactive maps: Apple, Google, Yandex or offline OSM. Cut down on your roaming charges with OSM maps that are 100% operational in offline mode. - Find out which restaurants have the finest food and which bars need to be experienced. Sort the list to suit your taste: location, pricing and customer reviews. - Use our unique AR (Augmented Reality) feature to find landmarks and places of interest. Just press the AR icon and swipe from left to right on your iPad to highlight viewing points, restaurants, clubs and other leisure activities; - Add to and edit your own findings on the four available maps (Apple, Google, Yandex, and offline OSM). The POIs you have pinned are automatically sent to iCloud, meaning that your discoveries are saved and shared between all of your iOS devices. - Hand-pick the best rated active sports clubs and recreational areas, as featured in customer reviews. - Check the weather forecasts for your tours & trips - there’s nothing worse than a damp tourist! - Double-check price lists in your currency by using our currency converter, which is updated daily. - Find and reserve your dream hotel, based on both budget and customer reviews. - Plan your vacation in advance, creating a wish-list of the sights you desperately want to visit and those you will fit in if you have the time. - Receive online arrival & departure info, to make those long waits at the airport a thing of the past! This travel app has been created so that you can have the trip of a lifetime. We hope that our guide will make your vacation a truly unique and unforgettable experience!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 85.14 MB


Price: 2,53 €

Developed by Discover Ukraine LLC

Day of release: 2016-12-6

Recommended age: 12+

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