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STRATEGIC ARCADE ACTION! Six devilishly difficult missions. Six bosses. A squadron at your command - can YOU defeat them all? Cloud Breakers: The Lost ...

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STRATEGIC ARCADE ACTION! Six devilishly difficult missions. Six bosses. A squadron at your command - can YOU defeat them all? Cloud Breakers: The Lost Missions is a free experience from Uken Games, where you take control of a fearsome squadron of fighter jets, each with their own Skills and Abilities, and UNLEASH them on the fearsome Rebel Fleet! THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB! - GET IN YOUR OPPONENT'S FACE with a FIGHTER, and slug it out with a myriad of weapons - but don't forget backup! - BLOW THEM AWAY with a SPECIALIST, and keep your ammo stocked up for the next massive railgun shot - but do it before they can shoot you down! - CONTROL THE BATTLE with a UTILITY, and stop enemy fire dead! Just make sure they don't get around your shield with autogun fire! WEAPONS GALORE! - Decimate foes at short-range with a CANNON! - Make sure no one escapes your MISSILES! - Punish those flying too close with a chain-linked SHOCK! - Shoot them down in threes with the area-of-effect FLAK! - Attack the rear with an insidious SEEKER! - Punch through formations with an anti-materiel RAILGUN! - Then, while they're disoriented, get the drop on them with a MORTAR! - When all else fails... fly up close and unload hot lead on your enemies with the trusty AUTOGUN! STILL NOT ENOUGH?! - Surprise your enemies by jumping back into the battle with a HEAL! - Deflect all gunfire with the impenetrable BARRIER! - Negate even the most grievous of damage with a SHIELD! - Bide your time and distract your enemies with a FORCEFIELD! THEN MIX IT ALL UP! - See a wall of Fighters, backed up by Specialists in the rear? > BACK-ATTACK! Take out those squishy Specialists with Seekers, then unload on the Fighters with some Specialist Flak - one shot, THREE KILLS! - A tight flight, in a classical military V Formation? > GIVE 'EM A SHOCK! Watch your sparks jump from Ship to Ship, electrifying the next one in Formation harder than the last! - VIP, hiding in the middle of a straight line of heavy fighters? > PUNCH RIGHT THROUGH! Unload your dual Railguns on the row, leaving nothing but burning wreckage in your wake! USE YOUR BRAIN! STRATEGY, STRATEGY, STRATEGY! - GET IN FORMATION! Aircraft give PASSIVE BONUSES to each other based on their position in the Formation. Take advantage of it - but don’t open yourself up to attacks! WHO’S GOING TO SHOOT? - Use your SKILL BAR wisely! Some aircraft can shoot often, but aren’t very powerful - others can only shoot once per battle, but for devastating effects! Rotate your aircraft effectively for the highest damage output! ADAPT, EVOLVE, ATTACK! - Change your SKILL rotation based on who survives! Don’t take one big gun - take TWO, in case one dies! Don’t take too many, though - they’ll take up space on the firing line! EASY AS A FLICK! - All this strategy at your fingertips - and all you have to do is flick to fire! See information at a glance by tapping on a Ship! BEST OF ALL, IT’S FREE! That’s right, it’s FREE! With a little skill (and maybe a lot of luck!), a competent pilot will be able to beat our challenges. Why is it free? Cloud Breakers: The Lost Missions are the heart of a project that did not make it to full launch - all of the work we’ve poured into it, we’ve repurposed, and are giving to you, the player. We at Team Silver hope that you’ll enjoy the challenges we have in store for you (and maybe watch an ad or two, so we can get fed!), and play as hard as you can. PS. Early-type Specialists are awesome. Use ‘em well!


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.3

Size: 221.28 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Uken Games

Day of release: 2016-12-2

Recommended age: 12+

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