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FREE DOWNLOAD ' get a number , or date , or picture and post it to a specially created social media page and prove to your audience that you predicted ...

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FREE DOWNLOAD ' get a number , or date , or picture and post it to a specially created social media page and prove to your audience that you predicted this number a while ago and watch their faces ' Add Social Reality plugin to extend your performance..see below ACTUAL COMMENTS FROM AUDIENCE MEMBERS ' People screamed and left the room ' ' HOW !! ' ' that can't be real , IT IS !! ' ' How on earth did you know it was my card and then say you posted this before i arrived.... ' create your own customised social media page and amaze your friends with predictions and pre-set images ' - Pre set up the app to add the required information - Add images - Select a fake time to display when you 'posted' - Use different symbols to show scores 2-0 , dates 28/10 or loads of others Amaze your friends by making it look like you knew the football score or the age of someone prior to opening your page This version has a few features that are locked but you can set it up and test it for a limited usage before purchase Join the Facebook group for hundreds of ways to use the app - by top professionals EASY FOR AMATEURS AND PROFESSIONALS TO NAIL IT ' Setup video at ' top magicians already getting great results' ' spectators running out of the room screaming ' how did you do that !!! ' ' great responses all round , and no one suspects a thing' Learn in minutes perform in seconds..its that easy - Full instructions within the app - Learn a 'magicians force' to force a card - use the magic of social media - use multiple force methods - choose numbers , years , scores , ratios , only limited by your imagination - add your own comments to the prediction SOCIAL REALITY PLUG IN ( IN APP PURCHASE REQUIRED ) This plugin enables you to move and then slide the image off from your social media screen and in the case of a business card , with sleight of hand , produce a ' real ' card from behind the device. * NB this is just an affect and doesn't remove the image permanently or have any hardware impact on the device it is just to give the illusion of producing a real item from an image or does it contain any extra parts such as business cards NOTES: IOS 9 and above WE DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR THE IPHONE 4 DEVICE IN BOTH IPHONE AND IPODS AS DEVICES ARE TOO SMALL TO BE USED IN AN ACTIVE PERFORMANCE ENVIRONMENT ALSO WE DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR IPAD DUE TO THE SOCIAL MEDIA LAYOUT BEING DIFFERENT ** THIS APP IS INTENDED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY ** *** THIS APP IS NOT INTENDED TO MISLEAD THE PURCHASER BUT ENABLE THEM TO CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT TO USE IN THEIR PERFORMANCE *** **** NOT FOR IPAD ****


Technical specifications

Version: 8.3

Size: 39.9 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by thesmallappcompany

Day of release: 2017-04-25

Recommended age: 4+

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