Do you love fidget spinners? Do you love emojis? What if we combined emojis and fidget spinners into Fidget Spinner Emojis?! Would that be the best ...

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Do you love fidget spinners? Do you love emojis? What if we combined emojis and fidget spinners into Fidget Spinner Emojis?! Would that be the best thing ever!? Then you are in luck! Introducing Fidget Spinner Emojis, the hand spinner emojis that help you tell your friends anything! Sad? Use the sad fidget spinner. Happy? Use the happy fidget spinner. We have love fidget spinner, metallic fidget spinners, animated fidget spinners, fidget spinner ninjas, fidget spinner wheels, you can do fidget spinner tricks with these emojis! The fidget spinners are the best super rare fidget spinners you can't find anywhere else! These aren't any fidget spinner toys, these are the real deal! NOTE: YES OUR EMOJI KEYBOARD REQUIRES FULL ACCESS. ALL OF THEM DO. WE CANNOT SEE YOUR CREDIT CARD OR PERSONAL INFORMATION! IF you have a concern, please see our privacy policy or email ryan@slapdatapps.com to give us a chance to explain rather than leaving a bad review! The Packs: The Basic Spinner Pack - This FREE pack allows you to express your basic emotions with the love of fidget spinner. They will get your point across but the next pack is where it gets fun. TRI Spinner Pack - This pack is also included FREE! These triangle spinners allow you to beach it, wish a merry Christmas, get ready to party fidget spinner and even give a HELL YEAH fidget spinner. Spinner Dude Pack - This is where fidget spinner truly meets emoji. These fun little fidget spinner guys are cute yet entertaining for all ages. You can be pissed off, happy, sad or even frustrated fidget spinner. This pack is only $0.99. Spinner Dude Pack 2 - We couldn't fit all the Fidget Spinner Dudes into 1 tiny pack so we had to make it 2 packs! No worries though, this pack is only $0.99 too! Party Spinner Pack - Need even more fidget spinners? This pack has Game of Thrones, Bacon, Blue Steele, Dino spinners and more. These are the rare collectible spinners that you can't be without. For only $0.99 you get 20 MORE Fidget spinner emojis! Coming in Version 1.4 Full Body Spinner Pack 1 - This is where fidget spinner becomes human! We gave fidget spinner a body, some emotions and a.rocking personality! This pack gets you 40, yes thats right 40 fidget spinner emojis for only $1.99 Full Body Spinner Pack 2 - We couldn't fit them all in 1 pack so we had to make a second pack of Full Body Fidget Spinners'! These guys are just as fun if not more so than the first pack! This set of 40 is only $1.99! Collect all 80 today! Animated Fidget Spinners - We heard your demands for more spinners and we are bringing them to you! Introducing, 20 ANIMATED FIDGET SPINNERS for your viewing emoji pleasure! This pack is the elite metallic and custom spinners meant to blow your mind! Collect all 20 for the low price of $1.99! Do you want more fidget spinners? How about a chance to design your own fidget spinner emoji? Come like us on Facebook and enter our contest at https://www.facebook.com/spinnermoji/. Show off or vote for your favorite fidget spinner! Have a suggestion or a complaint? We want to hear it! Email the head honcho personally! Ryan@slapdatapps.com or visit our Facebook page and send us a message!https://www.facebook.com/spinnermoji/


Technical specifications

Version: 1.02

Size: 33.92 MB


Price: 1,75 €

Developed by Ryan Wilkins

Day of release: 2017-06-27

Recommended age: 4+

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