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According to the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, the powerful prayer known as Ana Beco'ach invokes the 42-Letter Name of God, which connects to no less than ...

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According to the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, the powerful prayer known as Ana Beco'ach invokes the 42-Letter Name of God, which connects to no less than the undiluted force of creation. Kabbalists teach that if you recite the Prayer on a regular basis, you are able to use the force of creation to create miracles, both in your everyday life and in the world at large. Consisting of seven sentences with six letters each, the 42-Letter Name of God has been shown to be one of the most powerful prayers in the universe. The lighter version of this application is available for the iPhone devices as well. This expanded iPad version is taking advantage of the larger iPad screen. It will receive periodic upgrades introducing valuable additional features not available in the iPhone application. For additional study references and the future functionality in planning, please visit the applications's Facebook page. For an experienced Kabbalah practitioner, who typically recites this connection at least twice a day, it allows you to strip out the text and audio guidance, enabling you to be one-on-one with this powerful connection. It takes care of sequencing based on the current date and time. Using simple and intuitive navigation, this program covers all four elements of the Ana Beco'ach: the seven sentences, the Letters of the Month, the Angels of the Day and the Correction of the Soul, and it does so based on the current Hebrew month in accordance with the Hebrew lunisolar calendar. It presents The Angels of the Day meditation for scanning, following the verse for the current day of the week based on the user’s local timezone. After finishing with the Ana Beco’ach, it presents the 72 Names of God table for silent scanning before the meditation is concluded with the silent ‘Baruch Shem’ verse. These are some of the features: 1. Interface Configurability: Add guidance information and/or audio when studying 2. Landscape page format with ample space for verse display 3. Large white Hebrew letters are displayed on the dark background for sharpened scanning 4. Triadic color scheme is used for a balanced display of the verses and guidance text 5. Scanning direction guidance for beginners highlights words in yellow or blue 6. Audio Guidance in English and Spanish 7. Auto-swipe functionality for the Correction of the Soul meditation (3 sec, 5 sec and 7 sec intervals) 8. Two scanning guidance options for the 72 Names of God: letter magnification or using the Torah Pointer (Yad) 9. Short form: optionally exclude the Correction of the Soul slides and/or the 72 Names of God connection


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5.6

Size: 64.41 MB


Price: 5,99 €

Developed by Gabriel Musheyev

Day of release: 2015-08-15

Recommended age: 4+

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