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The Travel Game is the ultimate road trip scavenger ...

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The Travel Game is the ultimate road trip scavenger hunt! A game designed to entertain the entire family for hours while riding in the car with over 450 objects to find. Play together or against each other in many different game modes. Play single player, multiplayer or multiplayer over Bluetooth so everyone has their own game board!

The Travel Game Pro features:
•The License Plate Game
•Car Logos Game
•Road Signs Game
•Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

Play each game in regular mode where every player has their own game board, or lockout mode where only the first player to see an object gets the points.

See who can score the most points in the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt category. Game boards are randomly generated and consist of 24 tiles where each tile has different levels of items to find. As tiles are flipped, the items get progressively harder to find to keep the game dynamic and interesting with the higher levels worth more points.

Games can be set to win by points or time; and with over 450 objects to find, The Travel Game entertains for short trips or even multi day trips!

Play against each other on one device or up to four devices in a multiplayer game over Bluetooth. No fighting over the game board when everyone has their own. Bluetooth games are compatible with any Android phone or tablet with Bluetooth.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 0 B


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by DiscoStudios

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