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Your favorite twitter analysis tool is back once again, now with more power packed with Tweet Analysis Pro. It is Twitter Analysis like never before. ...

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Your favorite twitter analysis tool is back once again, now with more power packed with Tweet Analysis Pro. It is Twitter Analysis like never before. Tweet Analysis Pro is focusing on allowing it users to have the most ultimate freedom of harvesting tweets on the fly. We go a step further from our basic version in this version for Professionals only; where you can analyse any user’s or any hash’s latest tweets without having to log in at really improved speeds with the latest Twitter REST API(v 1.1)Tweet Analysis builds up on the success of Tweet Analysis providing you with the most amazing stats on almost any activity on Twitter.
* Super Charged in Pro:-We put in a little extra for our Pro version users. Here is how we juiced it up:
- Trend Analysis: Analysis of trends from worldwide to citywide resolution
- Profile Behavior: Analysis of user tweets, re-tweets and Foursquare check-in tweets.
- Analysis of Twitter Foursquare check-ins for keywords.
- Keyword Data such as Impressions and Verified Users for the last 1000 tweets. (Free users get only 500)
- Suggestion prompts for search
- Comparison of keywords
- Ability to export your analysis to popular CSV format.
- And last but not the least amazing feature is User Behavior Analysis. (Don't miss it)
All this along with the great feature provided by our basic version with great new UI :-* Analyse Top Users:
Gauge behavior of influential net-workers with amazing user statistics like:
- Average Tweet Count per Day
- Total Number of Followers
- Total Number of Following
- Total Tweets* Size-up Behavior of users:
Our most descriptive suite of primitives will help you get really useful statistics on user behavior on the world’s favorite micro-blogging site. You have useful statistics such as:
- Busiest Day - The day on which you have done more Tweets.
- Busiest Time - Exact Time on which you have done more Tweets.
- Hash Tag Cloud - Hash tags used are shown in hash-tag cloud.
- Top 5 Keywords - Most keywords used, will shown with counts.
- Top 5 Mentions - Most mentions will be shown with counts.
- Daily Tweet Analysis - Daily Tweet will be shown with counts.* Other Information:
(i) Shows the count of links/hyperlinks used by twitter user.
(ii) Tweets from Mobile/Web - Gives the count of the source you used (MOBILE / WEB) .
(iii) Sentiment Analysis - This feature will provide you the count according to your +ve, neutral and -ve mood. (With Tweet text)* We Think Of Re-Tweets As Well:
We can dig your Re-tweets too so that you can get a better idea of which are the most popular tweets. Stats shown are:
- Total Re-Tweet Count
- Top Tweet with Re-tweet count & date
- Top Re-Tweet with user & count* Don’t Forget Your Fans:
Know social standing from our Follower Analysis suite of stats with important data such as the hash-tags they used in their profile as well as other information on your most recent 1000 followers. Get a demographic on your followers with the following stats:
(i) Top 5 Followers Location: analyse all top followers and list them by location.
(ii) Top 5 Followers # Tag: Learn the favorite hash-tags of top followers
(iii) General Information:* Find out other useful information on followers as follows: - Percentage of URL used in follower’s profile.
- Percentage of # Tag used in follower’s profile description.
- Average Tweets of followers list.
- Oldest tweeter profile from all followers list.
- Most listed profile from followers list.
- Inactive users from followers list.
- Feeding your Hash Addiction:* It’s not a Twitter Tool unless it uses hash tags. With Tweet Analysis you have a host of great analysis through:- Country wise tweet density for hash.
- Top 5 other hash used with given hash tag
- Top 5 mentions with hash tags
- Overall sentiment of hash
- Time taken for recent 1000 tweets * Key Points: -
- Application will take time to load data as per your social influence.
- Full Internet access needed to run all features correctly.


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