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Get all of the most in depth stats, annotated maps, pro tips, detailed score streak data, best class set ups for every game mode, and more! View side-by-side ...

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Get all of the most in depth stats, annotated maps, pro tips, detailed score streak data, best class set ups for every game mode, and more! View side-by-side comparisons of gear, watch top rated video tutorials, find other players to squad up with, & more. The Ultimate Utility is the #1, must have tool for any WWII player.

This app contains:

Detailed information about all weapons & equipment. Everything from damage, ranges, DPS & TTK to handling info like sprint out times, recoil & more. Data displayed in both numerical and graph forms.

NOTE: ALL features are available in the app by default. This app does NOT contain in-app purchases or locked content.

Get the best tips and strategies to start winning more.

Compare items side by side in every major statistical category such as damage, rate of fire, TTK, reload speed, DPS, & more!

Trace routes, place map markers & share strategies. Overhead map images with callouts, vehicle spawns, and an advanced strategy designer. Draw and annotate maps with your finger or place map pin markers. Easily show you squad mates where they need to hold down or secure. Save your annotations & share with friends.

View the latest WWII news. Get updates on new patches, gear, weapons, maps, and more before they are released. New stories added every day.

View all of your gaming stats. You can also search for other gamers and view their stats. Players can also link their YouTube channel & twitch stream to their playercard, making it easy to check out other player's skill levels before you invite them to duo.

Tired of playing with randoms online? Wish there was an easy way to find skilled players to party up with? Let's Play allows you to do just this. Create matches and make new friends with other gamers in your area or around the globe.

Live chat with other players! Send private messages and create a profile. View other player's stats before sending them an invite to party up. There are always people online to talk to!

Send direct messages to other players right from the app. Chat, make friends, join clans, and party up all from within the app.

Since 2010, The Ultimate Utility™ line of apps have consistently been the highest rated and most downloaded gaming strategy guides in the AppStore. The Ultimate Utility™ is an unofficial guide and is not sponsored or endorsed by the publisher of the original game. Brass Monkeigh Apps is not affiliated with Activision, Inc.

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