Wilder Safari Big Hunting 2017

Get ready for real Hunting Animals in jungle is the most realistic action. You are just a hunter, shoot Safari Wild Hunting Animal game is full action ...

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Get ready for real Hunting Animals in jungle is the most realistic action. You are just a hunter, shoot Safari Wild Hunting Animal game is full action pack game it’s absolutely free. Assassinate the safari animals with your favorite sniper weapon because you are a best hunter in the dark-forest. This game is here for your great excitement time. Your duty is to kill the animals, choose the weapon and get ready for thrilling action. Shooting is not board game, everybody likes shooting action game. This is the best chance for better shooter to test your sniper shooting skills. A real hunting animal action games with real shooting experience of hunting with stunning graphics, realistic sound effects and dazzling environment. Use your sniper skills to shoot every target you can in this shooting deer hunting game. Shoot and Kill, be the perfect hunting safari animals, use your modern deadly sniper rifles and firearm to take the exciting shot, this wonderful sniper weaponries are especially designed for delivered to best handgun with a unique controlling zoom, limitless ammo with powerful pierce ammunition. Some amazing safari animals are spread around the rain forest, destroy the freshly place and killing the other safari animals. In this animal hunt your mission is walking alone in the green fresh jungle, equipping with unique killing weapons, aiming at the dangerous animals is around the green jungle areas. Safari animals have many powerful and too sensitive, so the mission of the hunter is just about to being. You are required to hit the focus on your target indicate by arrow and do not let them loss from the scene. Take your sniper rifle and kill them all. Huge animals have strike on forest so be alert, hold your breath, aim and fire with unique weapons and ammunition! Front line shooter has responsibilities to save the jungle life and war with safari animals. Eliminate them one by one quietly. You need to complete the task in the given specific limited time. Kill given animals and collect cash to easily unlock the more missions and powerful sniper weapons. You are equipped with many weapons like sniper gunfire and dagger etc. Use suitable handgun according to the situation. Prove That, You have the best hunter and show sniper abilities to shoot down the wild animals. Sniper will be your best partner in every level but at the same time you have the luxury of upgrading your ammo any time. You are equipped with many weapons like sniper shooting rifles. You can download it and enjoy kill the enemy in multiple difficult stages. Features • Jungle environment • Hunting animal mission • Thrilling game • Fun and joy of hunt • Realistic sound • Best controls • Single person game play


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 197.62 MB


Price: 1,67 €

Developed by Tahir Rahman

Day of release: 2017-05-25

Recommended age: 12+

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