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  • All Currency Converter Pro

    All Currency Converter is a real-time currency exchange rates converter. (The calculator is featured)

    All around the world offer rates for almost ...

    Finance | Android

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  • Terror Cave HD

    Welcome to TerrorCave VR, of one amazing horror 3D experience for Daydream that will reproduce in virtual reality the effect of the famous theme parks ...

    Entertainment | Android

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  • Raid v3 Red Icon Pack

    Raid v3 Red Icon Pack


    * 2900+ custom icons
    * XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px
    * See all icons by using "Icons" ...

    Personalization | Android

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  • Microsoft To-Do

    Microsoft To-Do is a simple and intelligent to-do list that makes it easy to plan your day. Whether it's for work, school or home, To-Do will help you ...

    Productivity | iPhone, iPad, Android

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  • CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

    《Cut the Rope》和《神偷之王》的创作者,为大家带来了最具奇思妙想、最有酷炫风范的战车打造游戏!


    从你的后院,一路打上世界锦标赛的擂台。赢得新的部件,用它们来设计无坚不摧的战斗机器人。不放过 ...

    Action | iPhone, iPad, Android

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  • Connexi

    A simple premise, but a deep challenge; many puzzle games are built on such an idea. Much like sudoku or crossword puzzles, Connexi is a game of simple ...

    Puzzle | Android

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  • Kicking Behinds

    Kicking Behinds is the result of one man's dream to create a fun and simple Australian Rules football game for mobile devices.

    Simple in design, ...

    Games/Sports | Android

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  • Luke Sidewalker

    Luke Sidewalker is so ambitious, he doesn't even look before crossing the street. Luke is a New Yorker, and New Yorkers always have somewhere to be. ...

    Adventure | Android

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  • Aurora Draughts

    "Aurora Draughts" is a well-known checkers database program with a built-in playing and analysing module that is incredibly convenient and easy ...

    Board | Android

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  • WHITE SNIPER HD - Vector Run

    "White Sniper HD - Vector Run" is an exciting arcade style game featuring you as an exceptional Undercover Military Sniper who won't be ...

    Arcade | Android

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy TTG

    Marvel’s 银河护卫队: The Telltale Series 讲述这群宇宙中最不传统英雄的全新故事。他们是一支由社会底层的小混混们组成的队伍,其成员分别被称为星爵、卡魔拉、德拉克斯、 火箭浣熊和格鲁特。在一场大战后,Guardians发现了一件拥有无穷力量的物体。每位成员都自己的理由渴望独享这件圣物,然而一位无情的敌人也同样渴望着。她是其族群中最后一位幸存者,为了从他们手中抢夺这件圣物,她是不会手软的。


    下载Marvel’s ...

    Adventure | Android

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  • 滑雪大師3D - Snowboard Mas...


    - 真實的滑雪體驗
    - ...

    Games/Sports | Android

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  • Sky Girls - Flight Attendants

    Get ready to be the best airplane flight attendant the sky has ever seen! Keep the passengers happy and serve them with a smile! Dress up in a cute uniform, ...

    Casual | Android

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  • Stickman vs Zombies

    Run like the wind, jump like a gazelle and shoot like mad! This is lightning-fast action you won’t soon forget as our hero chases down hordes of zombies ...

    Arcade | Android

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  • Samsung Notes

    With Samsung Notes,
    you can create notes containing texts, images with footnotes, voice recordings, and music. Moreover, you can share your notes ...

    Productivity | Android

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  • Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker

    One of the most realistic and playable pool and Billiard games, the best Offline Pool Billiard game. If you love cue club sports games then you will also ...

    Casual | iPhone, iPad, Android

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  • OK Atmaca

    Arcade | Android

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  • Kids birthday party

    What is the most favourite day in a year? It is a birthday! Hippy also likes her birthday very much! A huge party is going to take place in her house ...

    Trivia | Android

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  • Text Twisted 3 Premium

    Let's twist!

    Get ready for some word-finding fun in Text Twisted 3!

    Look at the jumbled letters and find all the word combinations. ...

    Word | Android

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  • Launcher for Terraria (Mods)

    Launcher for Terraria is the very first free and real Terraria PE MOD app, compatible with the latest versions of Terraria on Google Play. It opens up ...

    Strategy | Android

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