Stay tuned for election day with these apps

Stay tuned for election day with these apps

There is a country whose election day is observed the world over as if it was their president to be elected: United States of America. And no wonder why! What takes place in the US affects many countries, and we want to know who will be the next person to take the Oval Office.

Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump? Everybody wonders. The countdown is already ticking and the results will be made public right after the polls are closed. Tuesday, November 8th will be the day when the US votes for the successor of Barack Obama.

Whatever candidates do; their communication strategies or debates; they are all subject to scrutiny and analysis the world over, by political scientists and journalists.

Do you want to know more about the candidates? The elections? Do you want to stay tuned in with American politics?

Then download ‘2016 Election’, where you can be up to date with the latest news and debates between candidates. The app includes notifications to tell you about the time and place where speeches take place. You will get updated information at any time. Moreover, you can watch videos of the politicians during public speeches.

Another app you can use is ‘PollTracker’. With it, you will find information about the latest publications from the candidates, their proposals, ideas, and you can get an estimate of votes for each of them. Almost instantly, this app tells you the results of the latest polls that come out!

Are you unsure whom to vote? Do you know which party is closer to your ideology? Then ‘Voter’ is the app you need. How it works? Very simple: answer some brief questions and the app will tell you which candidate is more akin to you and your interests.

Apps make life easier for you, again. Download them and become a great expert!

Smart Voter

This app is used as a smart voting client for voting server software which is running in the wi-fi intranet.

Tools | iPhone, iPad

Voter Education

AbleLink’s Introduction to Voter Education is an app designed to provide independent access to basic information on voter rights and voting for students ...

Educational | iPhone, iPad

Election 2016 Map

Quickly check possible 2016 election outcomes by changing states by touch from red to blue or vice versa and seeing the electoral college results. Zoom ...

Entertainment | iPhone, iPad

Election Center 2016

Electoral College map and calculator for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. You be the pundit and make your predictions, pick your winner! Maps with ...

News & Magazines | iPhone, iPad

all Politics: 2016 Election HQ

all Politics app is the place for all US & World political news.

all Politics includes:
> Political News & views from the hill
> ...

News & Magazines | Android


Washington, DC by the numbers The 2016 elections are upon us. With Talking Points Memo’s PollTracker app—one of the top apps from the 2012 and 2014 election ...

News & Magazines | iPhone, iPad


Pollenize is your guide to the 2016 United States Presidential Election. We break down each of the main candidates' platforms point-by-point and give ...

Educational | Android

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