Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run! We have all played at least one of the many titles of this famous videogames saga.

Nintendo wants to make the most out of its greatest franchise with Mario, the plumber. Super Mario Run is back with a new videogame adapted to your smartphone. From RockAppRoll we want to tell you everything you need to know about this ground-breaking videogame.

Super Mario Run is a videogame that consists in that the character runs non-stop through the many levels. It simply cannot stop running! The player just has to tap on the screen to make Mario jump, avoid obstacles, earn coins and mushrooms, and defeat the evil mushrooms and other enemies. Get ready for combos! You will earn extra points you can use afterwards.

The game includes three modes: ‘World Tour’, ‘Toad Rally’ and ‘Kingdom Builder’. In ‘World Tour’, Mario runs through stages like the ones you are so used to from this game: caves, flying ships, castles… There are 6 worlds and 24 stages.

The mode ‘Toad Rally’ consists in competing against other players to reach the highest score possible on each level. To play Super Mario Run you must be connected to the Internet at all times. Earn points doing crazy tricks, collect coins and hope for the Toad’s to issue a favourable verdict on you.

On the mode ‘Kingdom Builder’, you can create your own kingdom with buildings and decorations that you can acquire with coins collected as you progress on the other two modes.

If you fared well on the ‘Toad Rally’ mode, Toads may get impressed, and they can help you build your kingdom!

What are you waiting for? Download Super Mario Run now!

Super Mario Run

Un nouveau jeu Mario à maîtriser d'une seule main !

Super Mario Run a reçu une importante mise à jour ! Dans ce jeu, Mario avance constamment ...

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