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Internet República S. L. is the company owner of many domains, which include national domains from Spain, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Argentina (from now on referred to as ROCKAPPROLL).

  • Address: C/Alcala, 21, planta 8º Izquierda, 28017, Madrid, España
  • Telephone number. + 34 91 456 90 50
  • Internet República S. L.: Tax ID no: B86340262 registered in the Madrid Mercantile Register in volume 29435, sheet 178, section 8, page m-529834, entry no. 1

Personal Data Protection Policy

1.Right of information and express consent

This data protection policy regulates access to and the use of the services on the website ROCKAPPROLL which are free for Internet users’ interested in the use of its services and content (from now on referred to as “Users”).

According to what is set forth in Data Protection Regulations, Internet República S.L., as the website owner in Spain and the rest of the world, informs Users of the existence of a personal data file created by ROCKAPPROLL under its responsibility properly recorded in their respective public institutions.

DISCLOSURE. ROCKAPPROLL does not sell nor rent user personal data to third parties for commercial purposes without the express consent of Users. We may, however, reveal personal data for legal requirements, enforcement of our policies, answer claims regarding the breach or protection of any third party’s rights, in the event that their property or security were affected by advertisements or other content. We may also share your personal information or make it available to:

Members of ROCKAPPROLL’s group of companies: Internet República S.L., to facilitate the prevention and detection of potentially illegal acts or infringements of our policies, to make decisions about its products, services and communications, service providers that help in our internal operations. In this sense, the User agrees to disclose his/her personal data for the aims specified in this Privacy Policy.


The user data registered through ROCKAPPROLL’s registry forms are gathered for the following purposes:

  • Creating a community of Users interested in software, where they can share their Opinions and favourite apps with other ROCKAPPROLL users.
  • Provide the Users’ pinions on mobile devices, through forums and other electronic means.
  • Inform Users about everything related with the software world.
  • To study and analyse the information given by Users in order to rate new trends and services.
  • Share and send content and opinions.
  • Send promotional and informative electronic communications about the software industry and other industries of interest indicated in clause number 7 of this data protection policy.

The personal data belonging to Users such as companies, individual authors or developers provided in the “Authors Services” forms available, are collected by ROCKAPPROLL with the following purposes:

  • Option only for software selling companies.
  • Sale and promotion of apps and other content related to electronic products, PC, Mac, Mobile phones and/or any other electronic communication platform.
  • Send promotional and informative electronic communications about the software industry and other industries of interest indicated in clause number 7 of this data.

3.Mandatory or optional nature of the information provided by the User and reliability of the data

The fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the registry forms the User must complete are strictly necessary to answer his/her petitions, making the rest of the fields voluntary.

The User guarantees that all the personal information provided is precise and is updated, representing his current situation correctly. It is the User’s obligation to keep his/her data updated at all times, being the only one responsible for any mistakes or inaccuracy which could cause a problem to ROCKAPPROLL or third parties using ROCKAPPROLL’s services.

4.Privacy control

The User, from his/her personal menu, can choose and modify the level of privacy desired for the data provided to ROCKAPPROLL, making it possible to choose the profile that suits his/her needs:

  • Public Profile: All the personal information provided by a User is public. However, Users will be able to make private information: Users can make some information private such as “Show my profile to other users”, “Activity visible to other users”, “Favourites visible to other users” and “Friends visible to other users”. If Users have a personal picture or avatar to represent them in ROCKAPPROLL, it will be public for all users.
  • Private Profile: All the personal information provided by a User is private. Users will be able to make private information related to “Show my profile to other users”, “Activity visible to other users”, “Favourites visible to other users” and “Friends visible to other users”. If Users have a personal picture or avatar to represent them in ROCKAPPROLL, it will be public for all users.

5.User consent

By filling in the form and clicking “send”, the User agrees to having read and accepting the legal terms, and grants his/her full consent to the use of the data for the purposes and services provided by ROCKAPPROLL.

Furthermore, the User grants that ROCKAPPROLL may use his/her opinions and content provided to the website for the purposes stated above.

6.Data provided by minors

Anyone over the age of fourteen can register in ROCKAPPROLL as Users without parental or legal guardian consent.

In regards to Users under the age of fourteen, parental or legal guardian permission is required for the handle of personal information.

In no case will the minor be asked to provide information on the professional, economic, or other private matters of other family members, without their prior express consent.

If you are under the age of fourteen and have accessed this website without your parents’ permission, you may not register as a User.

7.Electronic communications

By completing and sending the electronic forms of ROCKAPPROLL, the User agrees to receive electronic promotional communications which include news, launches and other information relevant to the website, as well as electronic communications related to the technology sector, as well as the following sectors:

  • IT and technology:
    • IT, software and technology
    • Internet
    • Digital TV / Satellite / Cable
    • Fixed telephony
    • Mobile telephony
  • Gastronomy / Food
  • Art / Crafts, design and interiors
  • News and communications to participate or partner with nongovernmental organisations / Sponsorships
  • Construction / DIY
  • Pets
  • Business exchange services
  • Purchase and sale of companies
  • Franchises
  • Financial services:
    • Finances
    • Private banking
    • Stock market and investment
    • Brokers
    • Credit: loans and mortgages
    • Accounts and credit cards
    • Investment funds
    • Mortgages
    • Renting / leasing
    • Insurance
  • Real estate offers
  • Motor / Cars / Sailing
  • Leisure and fun
    • Leisure and fun
    • Leisure
    • Films and shows
    • Culture / Museums
    • Photography
    • Games
    • Restaurants and nightclubs
    • Videogames and multimedia
  • Shopping for women and men:
    • Shoes
    • Cosmetics and perfumes
    • Personal care
    • Jewellery, watches and opticians
    • Fashion and accessories
  • Travelling:
    • Plane offers
    • Hotel offers
    • Trips
    • Renting of vehicles with and without engines
    • Rural tourism
    • Holidays and weekends
    • Business trips
  • Children’s products:
    • Products for babies
    • Children’s footwear
    • Toys / learning games
    • Children’s clothes / Teenagers
  • Music / Books
  • Training / employments
  • Health and wellbeing:
    • Food
    • Ecology and environment
    • Health, healthy lifestyle
  • Funeral services
  • Sports:
    • Team sports (football, basketball, etc.)
    • Water sports
    • Extreme sports and adventure
    • Sports gear
    • Fitness
    • Tennis, golf, skiing and cycling

ROCKAPPROLL offers users the following services with prior subscription:

  • Weekly subscription: Receiving via email all the information to choose the best apps: software comparison, thorough analysis, advertising reports and others.
  • Notifications and alerts via email related to the apps.

ROCKAPPROLL establishes two mechanisms for Users to be able to modify or delete these services easily, quickly and for free.

To do so, the User must enter the access menu and deactivate the mailing options in the electronic communications section. This service may also be deactivated by clicking on the “unsubscribe” option on the footer of the e-mails received.


ROCKAPPROLL informs Users that legal technical and organizational measures have been adopted to protect their personal information and guarantee the data security, as well as prevent it from being altered, lost, or undesirably handled by non-authorized parties, keeping in mind the status of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks it may be exposed to, in compliance with the regulations currently in effect.

9.Cookies policy

Cookies are small text files, often encrypted, hosted by a server in the User’s device when he/she accesses the website. These cookies can store the Users identification and where he/she navigated on the website.

When the website is visited again, the cookies identify the User and establish his/her navigation preferences and configuration.

In case of not allowing the use of cookies, certain services or functions of the website won’t be available for the user.

This website uses the following cookies:

  • Session cookies to make the User’s navigation easier and remember where the User is when navigating a website. These cookies disappear once the navigation or session ends.
  • Cookies to authenticate as registered user when the session starts on pages that need identification. These cookies are necessary to access restricted content or services to users that successfully identify themselves.
  • Analytics cookies (such as Google or Comscore). These cookies are for the website to analyse the visits, including the location and time of day. The information gathered by cookies is sent and archived directly by the analysing tools in their servers. Those cookies are used anonymously and to elaborate website trend reports without identifying individual Users.
  • Advertising cookies. We use cookies to make advertisements more attractive for Users. Cookies are generally used to select adverts based on content that is relevant for a User, improve the campaign performance reports and avoid showing ads that the User has already seen. Conversion cookies are also used so that advertisers can determine how many times people buy the products after clicking on the advertisement. These cookies allow ROCKAPPROLL and the advertiser know you have clicked on the ad y and have accessed the advertiser’s website. Some of our advertising products allow other companies to send their own cookies to your browser.

Any personal data that is collected through the use of cookies on this website will be processed by ROCKAPPROLL International, S.L., Alcala street 21, 8th floor, 28014 Madrid, Spain, responsible of making things easier and improving browsing on the website, analyse visits and identifying registered users. If you accept the cookies you agree to the handling of personal data for all purposes mentioned, international transfers and communications; if you do not agree to these conditions, do not accept the cookies. The User can claim his/her rights to access, modify, cancel or oppose to ROCKAPPROLL at the address mentioned above.

The browser can be configured to deny or accept cookies, or you can configure the browser so the cookies are automatically deleted once you close the browser, machine or device. The cookie settings in different browsers are located here:

  • Google Chrome Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies
  • Firefox Preferences > Privacy.
  • Internet Explorer under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced.
  • Safari Preferences > Privacy.

When you access this website for the first time, without cookies from this website, a window will pop up informing you about the use of cookies and where you can view the Cookies Policy. If you close the window or continue browsing, you are agreeing to the use of cookies and they will be installed on your machine or device. If you refuse, they will not be installed, but navigation and services on this website may be limited.

For further information on the cookies used, contact the owner of this website at [].

10.Right to access, correct and cancel data

The User has the right to access this information, correct any mistakes or unsubscribe from ROCKAPPROLL’s services.

These rights can be claimed through the website’s settings through the User’s personal account, which can be accessed using his/her email and password.

In case of any problems claiming rights online, as well as any doubts or controversy regarding out data protection policy, Users can contact directly with:

Internet República S. L.

C/Bárbara de braganza, 11, planta 5th floor,

28004, Madrid,


Or through our email address: indicating what matter it is regarding.

The handling of personal data, as well as commercial communications send through electronic means, are regulated by laws currently in force.

11.Modification of the current data privacy policy

ROCKAPPROLL reserves itself the right to modify this data privacy policy to adapt it to future laws that may be enforced.

12.Applicable law

Unless stated otherwise by a local law, this data privacy policy and other legal conditions of this website are governed by Spanish law.

13.Content provided by ROCKAPPROLL users

By providing content on the ROCKAPPROLL websites, the user declares that he/she is the legal owner or is authorised to distribute the intellectual and industrial rights of the content and share it publicly, and authorises ROCKAPPROLL to distribute and communicate the content publicly through any electronic mean, mainly the internet and email, to everyone with no time limit.

The user who chooses to share content or information through ROCKAPPROLL, such as discussions, files, opinions, blogs and any other content, agrees that the content can be published and indexed by Google and other search engines.

ROCKAPPROLL does not allow the distribution, management or communication of content which could undermine the quality of the service provided. ROCKAPPROLL does not allow the distribution of content:

  • That is considered allegedly illegal by national, European, or international law, or that performs activities that are presumed to be illegal or that contravene the principles of good faith.
  • That does not meet ROCKAPPROLL’s quality requirements.
  • That attacks the fundamental rights of people, which can search for user vulnerabilities, that lacks courtesy online, that bothers people or can lead to negative opinions among our users or third parties. Concretely, and including by not limited to: any legal rights of third parties; those that encourage or enable the creation, maintenance, and stimulation of businesses related to pornography, obscene material or dealings in erotic contact; those that are related to divination, tarot, "occult sciences," or any other related content; and in general any content that ROCKAPPROLL considers inappropriate for its users, and in particular, for minors
  • And in general, which go against the principles of legality, honesty, responsibility, protection of human dignity, protection of minors, protection of public order, protection of private lives, protection of consumers and intellectual and industrial property rights.

Likewise, ROCKAPPROLL reserves the right to delete from the website any content considered inappropriate according to ROCKAPPROLL’s characteristics and purposes.

ROCKAPPROLL cannot control each and every one of the contents published, so cannot take responsibility for them.

However, published content will be revised periodically to ensure the quality principles of ROCKAPPROLL, as well as the rules stated here.

Any User who inserts content which may contravene the current legislation will take full and exclusive responsibility of the consequences, relieving ROCKAPPROLL from any responsibility.

14.Questions regarding this policy

Any doubt of question regarding this data protection policy may be emailed to

Intellectual and industrial property rights

All rights of use are reserved.

This website is governed by Spanish laws and is protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property legislation.

The text, designs, images, data bases, logos, structure, brands and other elements in this website are protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights of ROCKAPPROLL or third parties who own the aforementioned elements and have authorised their inclusion on this website, through the registry form or through the transferring of exploitation rights they have agreed to with ROCKAPPROLL.

Any reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, modification, public announcement, or any other exploitation of all or part of the website’s content, made in any form, or through any means, such as electronic, mechanical or other, are strictly prohibited unless authorised by ROCKAPPROLL or third party owners. Any infraction of these rights can result in extrajudicial proceedings, or civil judicial proceedings, or any corresponding penal proceedings.

ROCKAPPROLL does not grant any authorisation of any kind over its intellectual and industrial property rights, or any other property or right related to the website, or its services or contents, unless expressly authorised.

The legitimacy of the intellectual and industrial property rights of content posted by Users is their own responsibility.

To preserve any possible intellectual property rights, in the event a User or third party thinks his/her legal rights have been violated due to the inclusion of a specific content on the website, it must be notified to, providing the following information:

  • Personal identification data of the User who’s rights have been infringed. If the claim involves a third party, he/she must state how they will be represented.
  • Statement of the content protected by intellectual rights and where it is located.
  • Proof of existence, ownership and legality of the aforementioned intellectual property rights.
  • Specific declaration that the User affected is responsible of the truth of the information provided on the claim discussed in this section.
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