Applications développées par Accurasee

The Accurasee Drawing System is a drawing tool which will help any artist develop skill in drawing proportions. Artists might mistake this drawing method for the grid method. The accurasee drawing system helps artists in measuring to find proportions, while the grid method teaches the artist to draw what is seen in squares. The accurasee drawing method will teach artists how to draw because it focuses on the entire subject matter of the drawing and not only on a square as the grid method does. Learning how to draw is more that just drawing in squares. Accurasee teaches drawing techniques such as comparing distances and using alignments or plumlines. While the grid method is useful and artists will improve by using it, it won’t teach you how to draw as well as an drawing system emphasizing measurement techniques. The Accurasee drawing system will literally teach you how to draw. Some artists feel that using tools is somehow cheating. The reality is that most artists who draw with accuracy use tools whether it be a pencil, a proportional divider or another drawing tool.

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