Apps for taking and editing pictures

Apps for taking and editing pictures

Do you have apps to take and edit your pictures? Photography has become mobile-friendly and it keeps getting easier to capture everyday moments, without having to take a camera out of the case and set everything to be able to show it to your friends and family. And then there’s the battery and memory card issues. How many times have you taken your camera out only to realize it’s completely out of battery?

Phone cameras just keep getting better and better, and so are the apps you can use to improve the quality of the pictures and add effects. Now, a simple snap can become a beautiful photography, with or without filters.

We’ve selected a few of the best apps so you can practice your artistic skills behind the lens, or in this case, behind the phone.
Instagram. The app of apps when it comes to making any snap look like a beautiful scene and sharing it with your friends on different social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr. You can also use filters, edit photos, focus them or give them vintage and retro looking hues.
Snapseed. This app features a good interface and many different actions like editing details, brightness, contrast, convert to black and white and other preset options, which can also be adjusted. It’s very intuitive and easy to use, which makes it one of the most popular apps on mobile devices.
Instasize. Thanks to this app, the size of your pictures will adjust to Instagram’s requirements. You can also make collages, edit, add backgrounds, filters, text… Will you be sharing it on your social media profiles or saving it on your phone? Because you can do both.
PS Express. Adobe’s free photo editing app. With PS Express you can quickly edit the basics on your snaps. It is also very easy to use.
Slow Camera Shutter Plus PRO FREE. With this app you can control the shutter speed on the phone’s camera to achieve interesting light effects. The app is free, but for € 0.89 you can purchase the full version with even more features.
Facetune. This app allows you to remove imperfections from the skin, whiten your teeth or change your hair colour.
Thanks to all of these apps you’ll be able to improve your photos and become a professional mobile phone photographer.

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