1. Cookies policy

Cookies are small text files, often encrypted, hosted by a server in the User’s device when he/she accesses the website. These cookies can store the Users identification and where he/she navigated on the website.

When the website is visited again, the cookies identify the User and establish his/her navigation preferences and configuration.

In case of not allowing the use of cookies, certain services or functions of the website won’t be available for the user.

This website uses the following cookies:

  • Session cookies to make the User’s navigation easier and remember where the User is when navigating a website. These cookies disappear once the navigation or session ends.
  • Cookies to authenticate as registered user when the session starts on pages that need identification. These cookies are necessary to access restricted content or services to users that successfully identify themselves.
  • Analytics cookies (such as Google or Comscore). These cookies are used to analyse the navigation visits, places and times by the website. The information gathered by cookies is sent and archived directly by the analysing tools in their servers. Those cookies are used anonymously and to elaborate website trend reports without identifying individual Users.
  • Advertising cookies. We use cookies to make advertisements more attractive for Users. Cookies are generally used to select adverts based on content that is relevant for a User, improve the campaign performance reports and avoid showing ads that the User has already seen. Conversion cookies are also used so advertisers can determine the number of times people buy the products after clicking on the advertisement. These cookies allow ROCKAPPROLL and the advertiser know you have clicked on the ad and have accessed the advertiser’s website. Some of our advertising products allow other companies to send their own cookies to your browser.

Any personal data that is collected through the use of cookies on this website will be processed by ROCKAPPROLL International, S.L., Bárbara de Braganza street 11, 5th floor, 28004 Madrid, Spain, responsible of making things easier and improving browsing on the website, analyse visits and identifying registered users. If you accept the cookies you agree to the handling of personal data for all purposes mentioned, international transfers and communications; if you do not agree to these conditions, do not accept the cookies. The User can claim his/her rights to access, modify, cancel or oppose to ROCKAPPROLL at the address mentioned above.

The browser can be configured to deny or accept cookies, or you can configure the browser so the cookies are automatically deleted once you close the browser, machine or device. The cookie settings in different browsers are located here:

  • Google Chrome Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies
  • Firefox Preferences > Privacy.
  • Internet Explorer under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced.
  • Safari Preferences > Privacy.

When you access this website for the first time, without cookies from this website, a window will pop up informing you about the use of cookies and where you can view the Cookies Policy. If you close the window or continue browsing, you are agreeing to the use of cookies and they will be installed on your machine or device, if you refuse, they will not be installed, but navigation and services on this website may be limited.

For further information on the cookies used, contact the owner of this website at rockapproll@internetrepublica.com

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